How can I watch Youtube on my psp without a computer or usb cord?

Let’s learn how can I watch Youtube on my psp without a computer or usb cord. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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u can use PSPTube. Google it or search it in Youtube on your pc. Its easy. My friend did it for me and...

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How do you post psp camera videos on the computer with my USB cable for youtube?

I just got the chotto shot psp camera and don't know how to post the videos I make onto youtube. Can anyone tell me how? I went onto youtube while my psp was in USB mode, I went to browse on the youtube upload file section, and directed it to my video...


you didn't provide much information. file type ? length ? connection speed / upload speed ? you could...

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Is it possible to download videos or watch youtube on a psp without directly connecting to a computer?

Hi, I really want to get movies onto my psp. But i dont have the cord to connect the psp to the computer But i have a wireless router i use for my psps internet. Is there any more


You can choose Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite to meet your needs. you can convert both DVDs to PSP...

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How to watch computer video on projector through a typical usb cord?

Projector has a usb input and looking to watch computer video on the projector ...


The USB port is not for video input through a pc, it is for data like a flash drive. If you have not...

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My new USB cord isn't working with my PSP?

i cannot find my charger for my PSP for the life of me, and i just bought a new one at Circuit City today. It's a Verge Mini USB Cable For PSP. The PSP is completely dead, so I can't put it in USB mode. The PSP isn't charging, and it's not showing up...


Well you could buy another charger. the ones that you plug into your wall

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Windows 98 is not compatible with the PSP unless you download the driver. If you type in yahoo search...

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How can I watch youtube videos on my PSP?

Is there any way to watch youtube videos on my PSP, without having to connect my PSP to computer with the cord?


you need custom firmware and ultimate psptube

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Will A PSP USB cable enabled me to play the psp on my computer screen?

I want to play my PSP games on my Computer Screen. My computer screen is big, and my cousins like to watch me play, like it's a movie. Its fun for me and for them. Will it work? Or do I need something else If you really don't know please dont waste my...


Hahaha i dont know why people answer you with wrong informations.They should stay silent when they are...

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How can i record something with my camera thats hooked up to a usb cord connected to my computer downstairs...

and i want to record something upstairs and the usb cord will not reach. Can i record something on the camera when its not connected to the USB. then put it on a website like youtube? Is there USB extenders that i can buy?


Of course, you don't need to hook up your camcorder to pc with usb cable to record something. Just switch...

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When I plugged in my psp's usb cord, nothing popped up! could anyone help me please!!!!!?

when i plugged in the usb cord on my new computer, nothing popped out unlike my old computer. My old computer is kind of slow, it takes over an hour to get one picture on! i really more


same thin happened with my psp, i had to buy that media program from psp and once i loaded it, it was...

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