How can i change my yahoo page to fit the screen?

Let’s learn how can i change my yahoo page to fit the screen. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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my yahoo page doesn't fit on my screen, even when I change to the smallest font and i can't drop and drag.?

the appearance now has a blank space in the middle and I cannot drop and drag successfully. What am I doing wrong. I wish the old My Yahoo was still around!


try changing your resolution higher. like 1024x768 pixels

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The yahoo home page is now displayed with large fonts. I did not select this option. How do I fix it?

Before the yahoo home page would fit on my screen, noe the fonts are large and the entire website will not fit within the screen. How did this change occur without my intervention?


click on view top of page to change size

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Yahoo fantasy page messed up?

I just installed Google chrome on a new computer. I logged into my fantasy account, everything is fine. I closed chrome, and opened it back up to go check my fantasy, and all of a sudden the whole page is messed up. Basically all of the text is bigger...


I am not having a problem with Chrome. I use it, IE and Firefox. I prefer the new Firefox over Chrome...

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Why did my web search page change from full page to centered with Yahoo junk on the left side of the screen?

With My Yahoo as my home page when I use web search instead of full page listing I get a centered listing with a listing of Yahoo garbage on the left side of the screen. When I open a site it is centered and not full screen. What has Yahoo done now?


I think we may be forced to live with it for now. After you do a Yahoo search, there will be an "...

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I just got a new page for yahoo sports. The screen is too wide. How do I change it to same as my home page?

I went to sport pages on yahoo today and they have a new screen. It is wider than my Yahoo screen but I cannot change the width of the sports screen without affecting my the width of my home page.


try adjusting the screen resolution to the same on both PCs or change the text size in your browser...

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Have you tried CTRL and either the plus + or minus - key to zoom in or out. That should do the trick...

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Why is Yahoo's new home page to wide to fit on my screen ???

My old Yahoo home page fit on my screen just fine . The new one requires me to slide it back and forth in order to see what all is on the page ???


Go to VIEW on your browser then click on TEXT SIZE. Click on that and you'll be good to go.

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Yahoo page wont fit screen?

my yahoo page is too big for the screen how do i shrink it so as i can view the whole page at the same time


It really is pretty annoying. The width is set in pixels, so there is no way to shrink it. Most sites...

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How do i change the appearance of my home page. It is very wide and unable to fit the whole page on 1 screen.?

When I go to, the page that loads is ridiculously wide, I have to scroll over to even see the mail section. What can I do to restore it?


In options on the mail page enter preferences and use the default sizes for pages.

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Yahoo hompage is huge and doesnt fit the screen. how do I change it back?

My default homepage is Yahoo and it has been for some time now. Today the yahoo screen is bigger than my monitor screen. I dont think I have changed anything but I want to set it so more


go to Internet Explorer page ----->View(top left corner)------->text size--------->smallest...

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