How can i get off a striped screw?

Let’s learn how can i get off a striped screw. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair.

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How can I get a stuck broken screw out of a rear license plate?

So I was putting my girlfriend's plates+frame on her Civic, and being the he-man that I'm not, I managed to break the heads off both screws in two tries. I went to Home Depot and picked up one of those $20 removal kits for my drill and I managed to get one screw out, but the other one is seriously stuck in there. To make matters worse, during my initial try to get it out I broke off a crummy reverse threaded drill bit in there, so the new reverse bit while a quality part won't even dig into the...


Depending on how mechanism for holding the screw is attached to the car, you might have a couple of...

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Did over medication of Seroquel screw up my metabolism? How can I get my energy back?

A few months ago I was taking Seroquel--something like 300 or 400 mg. It made me really tired. (I went off it mainly because of a horrible feeling of fear and confusion I'd get right after I took it at night.) I can sleep about 7-8 hours a night I think...


All meds like Seroquel will make one feel tired. It works basically by slowing the brain and it's functions...

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How can I learn not to get screwed over and screw other people over?

I have been the victim of politics a lot. In a student organization I was in, people would take credit for all my work (when they didn't do anything), but blatantly yelling at them or disagreeing with them in public doesn't seem to help my public image...


The question suggests a student is asking this question, so I will tailor my response to a school environment...

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How can i get a screw out after the screw head broke off and just a litle piece of the screw is sticking out?

It is screwed into some brick and i tried needle nose pliers, but it won't budge.


try vise grips

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How can I get a small screw out of the chamber of my whitewater raft?

I dropped a valve-screw into one of the chambers of my raft and have no idea how to get it out. I've tried using a magnet but haven't had any luck. I don't think I should use the raft until I can find the screw and thought maybe someone knows an easy...


I'd try getting a powerful shope vac and then tilting th raft (while deflated) until you get the screw...

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How can I get out a broken or stripped screw?

Well, i was trying to get out this screw in this plastic barrel, but then the screw head "deformed" and now the head wont connect with the screwdriver. Its not too deep but deep enough that i cant use pliers or tweasers. And also i cant afford...


you can go to any home depot or a store that sale tools you'll ask for a tool you can use to take out...

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How do I get the screw-on pegs off my bike? They are stuck and can't unscrew them with my hands.?

Any tools, luburcant, or anything to get them off? They are rusted and I do not need to keep them , How could maybe i saw them off? I need to be able to get new pegs on after I get more


I may be showing my age when I ask what are pegs on a bike? I ride a road bike which does not have anything...

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How can I get this screw off?

I was building a desk and I must have screwed this locking knob on too tight. Next thing I knew the cap had come off and now the screw is stuck! Does anyone have an idea of how to get more


You should be able to get the screw out with a Phillips screw driver. Make sure to get one that fits...

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Apply a Phillips screwdriver larger than the size intended to match the stripped Phillips screw head...

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A screw in my laptop came out and I can't charge my laptop, how much will it cost to get t fixed?

A screw came out of my laptop and the left side is loose now and so I can't charge my laptop. Anyone know how much this might cost to get it fixed?


A reputable shop will charge min 1 hour labor and fix it correctly. Best Buy will charge an arm and...

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