How can i make my yahoo messenger associate with firefox?

Let’s learn how can i make my yahoo messenger associate with firefox. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i make firefox associate with Yahoo! Messenger?

when i login to Yahoo! Messenger, if i have new emails, i will see the icon of Yahoo! Messenger, serving as a direct link to Yahoo! Mail. And when i double click it, a statement will appear saying: "will Yahoo! Messenger automatically login your...


To make firefox associate with any program, not just yahoo messenger, First you need to set firefox...

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What is yahoo "web messenger?" how do i make yahoo i/m activate through mozilla firefox for offline members?

when i click on an offline member to send a message, the page changes to the typical offline directory page but instead of the regular yahoo instant messenger window opening for that recipient, a window w/in the page states i need to log into yahoo ...


Yahoo web messenger is not compatiable with Firefox from my experience. You may have to use Internet...

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In Yahoo Messenger... how do I make Internet Explorer the default web browser rather than Firefox? Thanks?

I used to run Firefox but just updated Internet Explorer and want to keep it... when trying to check mail by hitting the "my mail" icon on Yahoo Messenger it still trys to go Firefox... I want it to open IE.


Go to 'Control Panel' >click 'Add/Remove Programs' > on the left panel, select "Set Program...

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Do you know how to make mozilla firefox default browser in yahoo messenger?

it may sound stupid and easy but it's not like that because mozilla IS my default browser in control panel but just yahoo messenger opens every link with internet explorer which is very annoying, i repeat JUST yahoo messenger.. so if you know hot to...


In the browser you can control where to send web page links to. From a separate program such as Yahoo...

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How do you access Yahoo Messenger program to make changes?

My OS is Windows XP and using Firefox as my browser, I have tried to find Yahoo Messenger. Where and how do you find the program? I am forever getting messages to chat from unknown people. But I cannot respond to the messenger to make changes because...


There are two Messenger programs, a short version within the Mail version, and a full download with...

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How do I change the default browder Yahoo! Messenger opens mail (and other browser needed applications) in?

For some reason, Yahoo! Messenger has suddenly decided to start opening all it's associated things in Firefox. I do not want it to do this, as I happen to like IE, but I can not find an option ANYWHERE for Yahoo! deciding what broswer it opens in. I...


it's not yahoo it's your computer. go to control panel and click on internet options, in there you will...

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I can't view profiles of friends whom in my yahoo messenger list.?

This problem starts new, when I removed mozilla firefox from my PC. I reinstall it again but the option is still missing. I was trying to find solution since more than 3 months but it want works, which makes me not happy. If some body knows how to make...


make a new user in your computer. And install a Yahoo! Mesenger without repeating the same incident.

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How do I make yahoo to open a different default browser?

OK the problem is I installed Yahoo before Firefox, therefore Yahoo takes IE as its default browser. So when I click to open the mail or 360, it will always use IE to open, no matter I change my default browser to be Firefox. I also make FF as my default...


Im not sure if you tried this but open control panel double click on internet options then at the top...

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How come when I click links on Yahoo Messenger nothing happens?

Could it be that IE won't recognize the command to open? I have tried uninstalling and installing messenger again and nothing seems to work. I tried it with Firefox and nothing. I even made sure my PC was free of anything Yahoo before reinstalling and...


How good you checked that nothing was left behind when reinstalling? Like this? 1.Remove all Yahoo programs...

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Why can't I change the appearance of Yahoo Messenger to my own colors?

Before I could make Yahoo Messenger look just like my Firefox browser, but with the new version 9 I can only choose the preset colors for the skin.


and perhaps that is the reason as maybe version 9 has no option for that. try version 8.1 coz it has...

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