How can i search for friends on yahoo?

Let’s learn how can i search for friends on yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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All you have to do is type in thier nickname and thier 360 should show up.

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I forfot my friends id who live in india i know his first and last how i can search his yahoo id?

my net friend belong to india.i have forget his yahoo id.i know his first and last i want to search hid yahoo id..plz tell me i can i search his yahoo id


Well, you could try Yahoo People Search at: However, he might not be listed...

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How can i search friends from yahoo and add them in my yahoo account ?

I try to search friends in my yahoo account but it won't work I try to find another way to search friends but I don't know were to being searching.


I have no idea

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My dear friends how can i search yahoo ids in yahoo?

I want to search an id of my friend with whom i am not in contact now.I remembered that there is costar in his yahooid.How can i search it?


you cannot- its conf info try with people-finder-com alby

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Can some1 plz help me? How do i add & search for friends for my yahoo profile?

I was able to search & add friends to my yahoo profile b4 bt now i can't do anything on it. If any of u no cn u plz help me with this? it is really bugging me that i can't figure it out. thnx guys much luv 2 u all MUAH!!!


Have u tried the yahoo messenger?. Click on it in my yahhoo. Then go 2 find freinds. U can only invite...

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How can i search yahoo id of my friends if i only know their first name and last name?

if i want to search the yahoo id of my friend everlain mia ortega


I don't know. I've tried it too.

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How can I search for a friends Yahoo ID that I forgot?

I remember the first word in the ID. In the past you could do a Yahoo member search if you knew a few details, like location or part of the name. thanks


FIND YAHOO MEMBERS AND MORE INFO #Click this link below. Then click ‘Find’ at the top right...

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How do i remove the box with phone in, phone out, add plugins, & yahoo web search from my friends list box?

on my messenger friends list, there is a box at the top for typing in phone #'s and id's, at bottom of the friends list there is "phone in, phone out, add plugins, and yahoo web search"..i want to remove those things from the messenger friends...


U don't have the latest yahoo messenger. There is a beta version 9. Also there is a Vista only version...

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I want to search yahoo member directory for members to chat with and old friends how do i do it? ?

when i follow the directions and click on search member profiles, it takes me right back to my profile. i'd like to search the member directory for new friends and old ones that also use yahoo


Yahoo has revamped the profiles and the member search. Until recently you could enter http://members...

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How do I search for friends which are not there not my yahoo list?I know they have yahoo email id?

this option was tehre in the previous yahoo messenger(older version) but i cant find in the latest version.Can anyone please help me?


This is how u can do a search for the person u r looking for. Type in the address bar http://profiles...

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