How can i talk in yahoo chat?

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I don't talk on my yahoo instant messenger chat how can i cancel it?

more than one person uses this computer and my information is still posted,even after i sign out of my yahoo mail. i don't want to instant message


To remove messenger. Click start bottom left on your desktop. Click control panel. In the next window...

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I've d latest version of yahoo msnger. But I can't see any call/talk button in the chat box or conference. ?

Like I have said before , I have the latest 'free' version of Yahoo messenger,. I haven't chanegd any original settings. My mic and speakers are always connected to the CPU and are working properly. Then why there isn't any violet CALL button in the...


If you don't install the 9.0 messenger correctly, it will not work. It has to be,,,Run as the Administrator...

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I can't talk in yahoo voice chat, the hand free and talk culum not work, please tell me what to do?

i can only hear but can not talk because the hand free and talk not work, and i can't select the volume also. it's all not work, some one please help me !! thanks before hand !!


are u using vista by any chance?

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if you have a built-in webcam on your computer, activate it then open it to invite people on your list...

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When I invite my friends for voice chat in yahoo messanger, I can't able to talk with them simultaneously?

When I'm talking with one of my friend, rest of them in the conversation are kept hold. I want to talk with all of them ie., i want a interactive conversation. ie., All should hear everyone's voice. (all of my friends accept my invitation -yahoo conference...


The ONLY way it works, is ONE talks, the REST listen.

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I have setup the voice on Yahoo. It all works. I go into a chat room and I hear people but I can not talk.?

Even when a friend makes a room, the exact same thing happens. I hear them fine, but I am unable to talk. I have reinstalled Yahoo 4 times. 8.1. Please help


You might be behind a restrictive firewalls. Go to yr security center and check the setting.

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How do I talk to someone live chat with yahoo?

I have been able to talk to yahoo help live chat before, but can't seem to get there through the help button due to category issue????


You are correct. The purple button that says "Status Online" has to appear for you to Live...

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How do I talk or chat online with Yahoo technical support?

I am having trouble with my email. Some friends who send me an email receive an immediate reply with a spam/virus message that supposedly comes from me but that I did not send. I show no record of it in my sent box. I have changed my password but the...


At you sometimes see a purple button saying "Status Online". That means you...

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Guys I have a problem in my computer can we talk/chat yahoo messenger?

Any of you there expert about computer i have problem with my computer plz?? my Yahoo meseenger is Im online now!!


why cant the girls answer?

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i also face almost similar problem. i am not able 2 place order using the gift code. it shows some error...

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