How can you find the incoming mail server?

Let’s learn how can you find the incoming mail server. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Call your provider's tech support number. You can't "find" the information, they give it to...

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Can someone tell me how to find out who my incoming mail server is and my outgoing email server is. tring to s?

email server is. I need to send a resume through craigslist and I have no clue how to find out. thanks


This link gives you server information for most popular email providers: http://www.emailaddressmanager...

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How do i find out my pop3 mail server and smtp mail server, outgoing and incoming?

I currently use yahoo mail and have a desktop pc but i want to be able to use IncrediMail but don't know the specific incoming and outgoing information such as POP3 mail server and SMTP mail server.. both incoming and outgoing mail specific instructions...


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How do I find my incoming e-mail server type? My incoming mail(pop3 or Imap server? outgoing server (SMTP)?

I scanned a document that I want sent to my e-mail so that I can send it to someone else. But i guess I have to set up e-mail servers. I believe that my internet is with windows more


Yahoo Plus, ISP mail

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How can you find out what mail server I use?

I am trying to set an e-mail account up with Microsoft outlook and it needs to know what kind of e-mail server I use for outgoing and incoming mail. How do I find this out? Then the name of the incoming e-mail server and for POP3 and IMAP the name of...


It varies depending on your internet service provider. Typically your pop3 setting is

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ISP said to check Yahoo Support for "incoming mail server"; how do I find that server's name?

My ISP was able to give me the name of the outgoing mail server but I was told to get with Yahoo Support to find out the name of my incoming mail server. I need this because when I try to send an e-mail to a company with Outlook Express, it asks me those...


I didnt really understand your Question but if you ment for Yahoo they are as follows.The outgoing mail...

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How can I find the POP username and server in order to import from my e-mail account to my g-mail account?

I am trying to import from my email account which is "", to my g-mail account which is "". I am stuck to the first step where I`m asked my POP username and server. I am putting: POP...


You need to enter the entire email address where it asks for User Name.

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What is my incoming mail server, or how do I find that? Also, how do I find my outgoing mail server?

Whenever I try to send e-mail to someone that IS NOT in my address book, my system activates Outlook Express, which is not my usual mail application. Then the thing asks me questions to set up OE, which I cannot answer.


your mail server depends on who you are with, in this group there are a number of different mail server...

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How to find the mail server of an incoming e mail ?

i want to know the e mail server of an email which i received . that is if we receive an e mail for eg: we know that this e mail is from , for eg : is from


You can sometimes find the server with "whois". For example I put into...

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It depends what server your using for yahoo mail you need upgrade to yahoo mail plus (@ $19.99 per year...

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