How can you study abroad in high school?

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How can I Study Abroad in high school?

I really want to study abroad! I've never been out of the country and I don't have the money to do so on my own. Do you know of any programs that offer free, safe, valuable education trips? Please link and explain them if you do! Thanks!


Exchange programs are not free but you can apply for scholarships. We offer them at Please...

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How can I study abroad while I'm still in high school?

I want to study abroad either in my junior or senior year of high school. It doesn't matter if it's during the school year or the summer, although I would prefer it to be during the year. I really really want to study somewhere in the U.K., preferably...


Going abroad to UK/England for just one year is not easy because of there school system. In England...

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Being an American high school student, how can I study abroad in Russia (being fluent in the language)?

I would like to study abroad in Russia but I have some concerns that have not been resolved through searching. -How are high school credits transfered for study abroad students? more


Check this out: then follow instructions from each school.

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How can I study high school abroad for free or for a very low cost?

I am Anne, 13 years old, from the Philippines. I have excellent grades, and I usually receive many awards at the end of each school year. I am planning to study high school abroad, more


To go to high school abroad, you must go to boarding school, which is very expensive. Total costs, including...

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How to convince my parents to let me study abroad to Japan during high school?

ok, so i want to study abroad in Japan for a year during high school. But my parents really want me to go in college, though i'm stuck on high school. they say that i'm too young and something might happen to me; they've also said that i might not get...


You really can't "convince" them.. There isn't a particular thing you can say to change their...

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Can i study abroad in a South Korean high school after i finish high school in the US?

i would like to do a kind of second year of my senior year of high school over in south korea. is there any way i could do that? ive started to learn the language on my own now but do i have to go to a collage that as that program in south korea to go...


Hi, I work for Quest International which is a non-profit organization promoting high school student...

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Can I study abroad with just a high school diploma?

I just graduated high school this summer and I was thinking about going to a community or junior college, but then I was thinking maybe I should just travel, so then I thought why not do both. But I've never taken a single college class. Haven't been...


You can apply to schools there as an international students. Search their websites for information on...

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Can you study abroad right after high school?

My daughter did not get into her first choice college. She was accepted to second choice, but her goal is to study abroad in Spain and actually pursue a career overseas. She is thinking of enrolling in a study abroad program right out of high school...


Hi Try this web-site : They offer the largest database of universities and colleges...

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Can I study abroad senior year of high school?

im a junior in high school right now and i really want to study abroad next year. I have a friend who is doing it and is having the best time of their life. I would like to study in Spain or Italy I would rather go to Italy but i already kinda speak...


Hi Robert, There are a lot of great organizations out there that send high school students abroad. You...

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How to convince my parents to let me study abroad in high school?

i'm currently a sophomore in high school and i want to study abroad in Ireland next year. I found this really great program that wouldn't be much more that my school tuition (which would get prorated when i was gone). i really want to do this but I'm...


I wouldn't recommend going while you're in high school. I would suggest waiting until college for many...

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