How come I can't get into the chat rooms?

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[Firefox users] - Can't get into chat rooms - Page 3 ...

I have enabled the cookies and still can't get into the rooms. ... Can't get into chat rooms. Options. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Highlight;

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How come i cant get the compleat adult list in yahoo chat? (not talking about the user rooms)?

in yahoo chat under adult i only get friends and location....on other friends computers i can get the whole list with my same yahoo id but not on my pc?


try re-installing it! =]

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Cant get into any chat rooms or my buddy list wount come back up i had my computer redone ???

I had my computer redone and now cant get on to talk to anyone of the chat rooms that i was in to.


Ok a little more info on this would be helpful in order to successfully help you. You had your computer...

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Messenger has always been unreliable in chat even from the early days of it's conception. If you want...

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If you are under 18, you will be automatically denied entry to Yahoo chat.

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Just add their ID to the end of this... ex.

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How do I report a spam in chat rooms?

...and will anyone care about it at Yahoo? I cant believe they let us get abused like this in public chat rooms!! I feel so angry, Yahoo used to be a nice place to come and chat.


Right click on names you get the ignore option with the report option also. Not sure if it does any...

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I cant get into yahoo chat, I dont want the messenger rooms, i am trying to get in the peers rooms on yahoo?

i want to get into peers chat with sound on yahoo. I only get the messenger chat list when i click chat on yahoo chat room. the rooms i got into before had rooms like 40's or more


I think they have chatrooms for teenagers too, check it out on private rooms.

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How can I speed up getting into chat rooms seems majority of the time I cant get in chat rooms.?

Alway get the error, Entering chat took longer than expected please try again later. seems like it takes forever to get response from yahoo chat entering a chat room. just down loaded messenger 8.1 is there a problem with it?


i just tried it for myself and got the same message. i was using 8.1 but went to an older version but...

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How come i can never get into any chat rooms ???

every time i try every day i try i can not get into chat rooms, i always get a sign back saying it took to long to get into this chat room, try later,,, what is wrong,, how am i suppose to meet my perfect man if i cant get into chat rooms to find him...


your java script is prolly garbage try a new one try and type in search bar java script...

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