How could I set up a tech website?

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How much do I pay someone to set up my bands website? PLEASE all you tech-savvy people :)?

I'm thinking of recruiting someone who knows about web design to set up a band website where I could post photos, videos, songs, a blog and news updates. How long should this take Someone talented Im currently speaking with said he's prefer one payment...


Refer to: Take a look at their design services. They have offered their prices...

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It's a scam. See here:

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Do you really think that just because someone is technically minded and can create a web site that they...

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How should I start doing tech support as a small one person business?

I put an ad on craigslist saying I would do tech support by donation but that didn't work. Then I put several up saying I would charge $20 an hour but that didn't work either. My mom said I needed to attach a website as if you don't have a website you...


The primary concern is competition. In my area, you can forget about Craigslist (1000+ ads per day just...

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What's the easiest/cheapest way to set up a home surveillance camera that will notify me and stream video for remote viewing/recording if somebody enters my home while I'm gone?

What is the easiest, cheapest, most effective way for me to set up a single motion-triggered surveillance camera at home to verify whether I have a creepy situation going on while I'm gone? If triggered, I want it to alert me remotely, stream video for...


I found the X10 stuff to be fairly infuriating to use, but perhaps I'm just an idiot (it didn't help...

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Does anyone know how you can do computer tech support from home?

I need something that I can do from home. Since I already have 20+ years of computer knowledge, it's been suggested that I try tech support for computers from home, and set up a website for it. I know there is something in the Ultimate Edition of Windows...


All microsoft operating systems from XP to 7 include Remote Access, a program which does exactly what...

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Changing website to subscription-based?

I have a blog that I use to list local job listings (very few resources for people where I live - including very few jobs listed in the newspaper - I'm able to easily find job openings most people can't). It started as a side project but I'm now getting...


You should try Joomla - - it's fairly simple to learn and it will cover all your needs...

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Trying to access website but i keep getting redirected?

Hi my name is chris i've been trying to log into my account with coldwell banker but i keep getting redirected for some strange reason i have tried talking with tech support but no one has been willing to help me. Please someone anyone if your out there...


Looks like a coding error on their end. I would notify them and have them take a look into it. Not much...

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How do you set a targets for user growth for a new website?

My friend's startup company is developing a new technology platform and they are trying to set 5 year targets for the number of potential users it could have. How do tech companies traditionally project user growth for a new web service? Obviously they...


I am a marketer with some tech background; I am not your marketer, and more importantly my expertise...

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