How di I make my home page?

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How do I make Yahoo my home page - Microsoft Community

Original Title : how to make yahoo my home page in internet How do I make yahoo my home page on the internet ... How do I make yahoo my home page? 1.

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Go to tools...........internet options.............type in or D

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Text Lowers as it gets bigger. (HTML & CSS Help)?

Hello, I am learning HTML and CSS, but I have run into a problem. I want to make the font-size of some text in a div(in this case the Divs are "subbody" "subwhatis", "subwhois", "subwhereis") Bigger. But When i...


there's no #subwhois etc in your css.. Try to remove all css and then do it inline, like style="...

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Using Wordpress, how do I make my about page the same format as my home page?

I currently use with the hosting service of Now, I have my home page set to be the wordpress blog. However, their is a tab on the home page for an "about" page. I have written the about page in the wordpress editor...


what I usually do in these situations is make a copy of the home page, ditch the about page and save...

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How do I make my Yahoo home page connect directly to my 360 page?

I have a regular Yahoo home page that I use every day. I am trying to find a way to place a link on that page to take me to my 360 page. Just like the email link or the messanger link. with Yahoo home page you can also create additional pages so I though...


ChatKat, if you are from the U.S. - the front page ( ) now has a 360 link at the...

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How do I make a page my home page?

I get so sick of having my home page changed, I guess with updates etc. ? I am using Windows XP, and how to I set the page I want to my home page, I forgot. please give me baby steps, OK? Thanks I Am using as my home page, or lets say that...


Go to the page you want. Click tools along the top line scroll down click...

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How do I make the email page my home page when I go on the internet?

When I click on the internet icon my yahoo email page came up. Yesterday I downloaded a security program and now their company site is my home page. How do I make my yahoo email page my home page again?


For any browser and any web page: 1. Navigate to the page you wish to use. If it is a mail page, do...

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I need to know how you make a certain page from the internet your home page?

Ok this is what happened i had eschool.blackboard. com as my home page and i downloaded Msn and now Msn is my home page i didn't want that 2 happen i wasn't even paying attetion.How do i get my eschool home page back this computer is not mine it's the...


At the top of the page, click on TOOLS. Choose INTERNET OPTIONS. In the space for the home page, type...

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How do I make My my home page? When I log on despite my previous settings my home page is sbcglobal.

I have selected My Yahoo as my home page by both internet options in the control panel and clicking on the "Make this your home page but when I go to log in I begin at more


If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, then go under "Tools" at the top of the...

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Before the website address there should be a little Icon (In yahoo its usually the letter Y.) well you...

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