How do I Build a Great Home theater system?

Let’s learn how do I Build a Great Home theater system. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I want to build a custom home theater system using car audio. What do i need?

I want major bass. I want something to rattle the house. I will use the output from my tv for any amps. My real problem is the power converter. I know car amps need a lot of power.


Everyone here has been giving you mean answers, so I figure instead of telling you what you should do...

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Help with Karaoke system-How to build one on Home theater system ?

My requirement is simple, I am no professional. I have a 5 satellite Kenwood home theater system (Model VR-615) and a DVD player. My idea is to play a Karaoke cd and use a more


Unless your DVD player already has a microphone input,you'll probably want to buy a dedicated karaoke...

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Looking to build home theater system?

Where should I start when looking to build my own home theater system? What should be the first thing I get?


You should audition speakers first as this is a HUGE variable in price. You want to look for a set of...

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I need to build a home theater system need advice?

I want to build a sound system for my living room (i had a Bose Lifestyle 18 Series 3 system but was unhappy with the sound, especially bass). I already have a receiver which is a 5.1 and has a subwoofer output (it requires a powered sub). im looking...


Hi Cherry... First you have to tell us are you trying to create a Music system or a HT system? Here...

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Should I buy a Sony Bravia DAV-HDX578WF home theater system or just build it my own?

Okay, I have now been looking for Home theaters for quite a while and I am interested in the 500's or the 600's model. Would it be cheaper to build a 578WF, meaning buy the more


If i where you i would stay away from sony products, they are over priced and don't last long. Sony...

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perhaps, sound cards are pretty cheap even for the good ones, do the math and find out :P

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Home Theater PC Help?

I just orderd some parts to build a new system,,, (budget system) my plan was to build and sell it to make a few bucks since i got a good deal but now im having second thoughts and may want to make it a home theater PC since the motherboarrd suppots...


Yes, you simply connect the HDMI port to your monitor or television. If you want to hook up an antenna...

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I am only 15 and i save up 6,000 and want to build a home theater what do i need?

i am only 15 and i save up 6,000 and want to build a home theater what do i need to hook every thing up Sony SU-FL300L Floor TV Stand for 46" to 52" BRAVIA LCD HDTV Sony DMXNV1 Bravia Internet Video Link Sony BRAVIA® XBR® Series KDL...


welll sure u could go to best buy but all the HOTT guys work at costco!! =)P

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Best Home Theater System?

I am looking for a good home theater system, I have looked at Bose, but I get a lot of feedback from people saying that Bose is not worth the price and could build a better system for less. What is everyones thoughts on this.


The best thing would be to go to a place that sells them and listen to several systems. The salespeople...

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HOW do i get my new home theater to work with my tv!?

I have a RCA flat screen tv with a build in dvd player. i bought a home theater system and tried to hook it up and its not workin. the home theater comes with a dvd player. i thought u could hook up another dvd to player to the tv. please help


Not enough information. What does your TV manual say about connecting it to a home theater system? When...

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