How do I access "My Briefcase" on the new My Yahoo?

Let’s learn how do I access "My Briefcase" on the new My Yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Answer: login as you would yahoo mail, set up/manage folders, upload files. I could help...

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Where is my Yahoo Briefcase? How do I access it?

I've saved a couple "keeper" attachments in my Yahoo Briefcase. Now, how do I access my Yahoo Briefcase? Where is it?


You can goto The briefcase from "my yahoo" and then "more yahoo" or you can go there...

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How can I access my yahoo briefcase account - have got one but dont know how to oen the mail in it?

have saved mail in my yahoo briefcase account but do not know how to re-access that mail - please help


Go to and login using your Yahoo ID, you will find your files, mails there...

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How do i access the pics i downloaded to yahoo briefcase?

when i got a mesage my options were either down load the atachments to my computer or yahoo briefcase i chose the briefcase and now i cant find my pics.


just type it will send u to yahoo briefcase then u type in your ID and your...

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I need to access my files in the yahoo briefcase folders. I was unaware of its foreclosure. Kindly help me.?

I have files stored in my yahoo briefcase. Since Its closed, I was unaware of it and lost access to them. Kindly help me retrieve the same. Thanks.


Post your story in greater detail far and wide! Bug Aunt Lawyers you might have. Dwell on this, obsess...

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I used to be able to access my photo albums and briefcase from Yahoo, but now unable to find those tabs. Why?

There used to be links, "Briefcase and Photos", at the bottom of the page after logging on to your Yahoo account that you could access. After clicking on photos, I could select one of my albums. I no longer see those tabs.

Answer: http...

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I can't access my yahoo briefcase?

i tried to find a link to the briefcase and I keep re-rooted to the main yahoo page


Yahoo Briefcase was a site to store any documents as a backup. It closed on March 30, 2009 and everything...

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check out

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Yahoo briefcase WON'T OPEN MUCH NEEDED FILES! I can access my account, I can sign in, I can see filesCANT OPEN

I NEED these files desperately! 20 page physiology paper that I can't open and needed to be handed in yesterday. Why can I not access my files? I can see all of my folders, but when I click on the folder, I get this error: The page cannot be displayed...


Your answer was brilliant Bapuli. I can access my much needed files. I saw a boy Bapuli answering the...

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How can I give "friends" level access to my folders in Yahoo briefcase?

please do not give me generic answer that press edit and it will allow you to choose level of access and you can choose "friends" .This is how it used to be earlier now it does'nt work like that ..pls advise.


You're right... I don't think that the "Friends" level access is available anymore for standard...

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