How do I add a new portfolio?

Let’s learn how do I add a new portfolio. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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While logged in and viewing your Y! portfolio: 1. Click the 'Edit' link next to the name of the portfolio...

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How do you add a new stock portfolio in the New Yahoo?

In the old Yahoo you clicked on the categories (not an existing portfolio) tab and a screen came up with a CREATE NEW button. In the New Yahoo the categories edit only opens some more


I will have to use Google from now, this is too confusing and time consuming for a simple thing.

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How do I add cash to my portfolio using your new system?

It appears you've changed the process for setting up a portfolio. If I wish to set up a new portfolio with some stock & some cash, how do I enter the cash amount? Thanks


Who is "you"? Is "you" Yahoo? Do you understand how Yahoo Answers works?

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How do you add "Cash" holdings to the New portfolio? (Used to be $$cash)?

Since the new portfolio was launched, my cash holdings disappeared, with the notation..$$ is not a valid symbol) It used to be!?????


Simple answer appears to be that you can't. My total is still correct, even though the portfolio is...

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How can I add more "storytelling" to my design portfolio?

One piece of feedback I've received about my portfolio was to add more "storytelling". How can I do this? Are there any great examples of UX Design portfolios that successfully to this? You can view my portfolio here if you want: Andre Tacuyan...


Maybe what they meant is that they want to see how your designs connect on a personal level with the...

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How do I add a cash amount to a stock portfolio?

I was able to add $$cash to the portfolio but was unable to add a cash amount


Hi Raymond - This document provides steps for adding cash or private equity holdings to a portfolio...

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When I add a new stock symbol to my Portfolio it is not showing up :(?

I have used Yahoo Finance for years without a problem (minus hating all of the updates of late)... I have edited my Portfolio today to add a few stock symbols that I purchased today more


Hi there, I'm not able to replicate this issue within my personal portfolio at this time. I'd recommend...

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How do you add a "sell to open" option in your yahoo portfolio?

Just wanting to know how and if you can add a "sell to open" option in your yahoo finance portfolio


Don't know

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How do i add symbols yo my portfolio?

before you revised the pages I was able to see the stock indexes on my page as well as add symbols and track trades for my portfolio. I am not aware of how to do it now.


I'm also having the same problem retrieving my watch symbols with this new system. What happened?

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How do I add a stock to my portfolio directly from the quote page? Can do it on Yahoo Canada but not US.?

On the Yahoo Canada site there is a button "add to portfolio" in the right upper corner, but it's nowhere to be seen on the Yahoo US site. So I have to bounce back & more


Hey there, This was removed with the latest updated. Please voice any thoughts and concerns you may...

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