How do I burn a DVD on my computer to a DVD disc?

Let’s learn how do I burn a DVD on my computer to a DVD disc. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Burn a CD or DVD -

Insert a writeable CD or DVD into your computer's CD or DVD recorder. In the dialog box that appears, click Burn files to data disc. In the Burn a Disc dialog box ...

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How do I burn movie from my computer on a dvd disc so I can play it in my dvd player?

I have been trying to burn a movie onto a dvd disc so I can watch it on my tv. But everytime I try it says it cant read it. I am using the program nero but it still doesnt work. I have DVD+R and DVD-R and Ive tried both and neither one worked. I need...


Go to below website to learn how to convert video to dvd:

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How do I burn a downloaded movie on my computer to a dvd disc?

I downloaded a movie off of Vuze and now I want to put it onto a dvd-r disc. I've looked everywhere for programs that do that but there useless and don't put the exact same movie on the disc (i.e blurry or skips scene's). What programs are useful out...


Download dvdflick from here: It's easy to work and it's free so...

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How do I download a dvd on to my computer or burn a dvd to a disc?

okay i have friends season 2 and i want to burn it to a cd I have the mac book air and i dont know how to do it can you please help!? my dad said to download it i also don no how ot more


You can try the DVD Video Converter Suite for Mac, it can help Mac OS X users not only rip DVD to AVI...

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How to burn video from WMP to disc (done that) that will play on home DVD player (won't do that)? Plays on computer but not home player.

Initially was burned on CD-R disc by mistake, but also have DVD-R that would not burn to from WMP. Any suggestions? Need another burner program? Different type discs?


Try the disc in a different DVD player - some older players won't play discs that have been burned on...

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How can I burn a movie DVD to my computer and then copy it to another disc?

I need to copy a workout DVD to my computer and make another copy. I don't like to carry my DVD around and would like to leave one in the car and one at my house in case I am at someone Else's house and we feel like working out, I've got a spare. I have...


You can directly use DVD Copy. It can copy DVD-5 video to DVD-5 format, copy DVD-9 to DVD-9 in 1:1 ratio...

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My dvd won't burn? i have the file on my computer, and when i try and burn it to my DVD+R DL Memorex disc?

it doesn't work? my computer won't read it right as a rewritable disc or something?


Go to go to the like download one of the best dvd copyer...

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My computer is a hp and im trying to burn a dvd using nero start smart and it says please insert disc?

my dvd burner is a LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW-8225 and the disc keeps popping out...saying please insert blank disc...


If your using blank disc and have put in more than 2-3 and still get the same message. You may need...

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you need a nero burner programme thats how i do mine. i just download my music and burn it to a cd using...

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