How do I chance my Avatar into a real picture?

Let’s learn how do I chance my Avatar into a real picture. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How do I chance my Avatar into a real picture? | Yahoo Answers

How do I chance my Avatar into a real picture? please dont say " go to yahoo 360." i have an ... How do I chance the Avatar picture to my real picture?

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I would immediately look at your avatar if it is nice. But whether I answer you or not is depends on...

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How do I put a jpeg picture in place of my Avatar in Yahoo Answers?

I chance upon a suggestion to click "edit info" below the avatar...but nowhere there says how to replace avatar with picture. Also, the Yahoo 360o only got me lost. Is there an easier and simpler route? Like just copy>paste pic?


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Messenger avatar appears modified/pixelated ! Help ?!?

1 week ago my Yahoo Messenger avatar started to appear differently. If I look at me in my list, the avatar seems normal, but my friends see it like it has been edited. By this I mean colored, gray, even pixelated ! It's like a photo taken with a very...


Sounds like you enlarged a smaller photo, maybe during a cropping session and what you're seeing is...

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Who missed picture day?

Here is your chance to participate once again! (: Post away. My avatar is a picture of Aubree, my SO and myself from August. Aubree has changed quite a bit since then (she was only 8 months and is now close to 16 months) but my SO and I are still the...

Answer: (Also v curious about Zorro)

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Why,No chance with out Jesus worrying about clone avatars ?

Olga showing Fire ball picture in her Avatar,Fireball really happy with it!! ,But What is the problem of No chance with out Jesus ?;_ylt=Al2ziljtJ43jU56BOtkxFaPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120405111155AAGrqjt


I have NO idea what you're talking about. My avatar has disappeared and I don't know why. I love Fireball...

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I can only see my old avatar picture! Please read..?

So I have Yahoo Messenger for Mac and a few weeks ago I set a certain avatar picture. I've changed it meanwhile with another picture, and I asked everybody what picture they can see. All of them said that they see the new picture, but I can see the first...


This is an ongoing issue with yahoo. Send a "report a problem to yahoo" in the "help...

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How do i save online avatar picture as my avatar?

i found a lara croft avatar picture that you can save as for your avatar. i do not know how to change my avatar to the lara croft picture. i saved the picture in my picture file, but i can not seem to transfer it to my yahoo avatar. help


You need to set up a Yahoo 360 account, then you can load pictures to that, then use a picture from...

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Newborn & Baby section Show and Tell! Tell me about your avatar picture?

If you have a real photo in your avatar, where was it taken? How old was your baby? What made you choose it for your avatar? Anything else you want to add... If you don't have a real picture in your avatar, and you feel comfortable posting a pic from...


My avatar is a picture of my youngest Riley Michael. It was taken this past Saturday & he's almost...

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What has my avatar picture gone?

For some reason my avatar picture has disappeared. I have gone into edit my profile and the green button is lit for "no picture" The button which allows you to use your avatar picture to be used says "no avatar picture" and won't...


It pays to read the special notices on the home page. They're changing the whole system of using avatars...

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