How do I change my Yahoo messenger name?

Let’s learn how do I change my Yahoo messenger name. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to change display name in Yahoo Messenger list?

I created a new Ymail ID and when someone adds me to his Messenger list, instead of my name, my email address is displayed. How can I change that ?


At the top of the main messenger window click on Messenger then on My Contact Details. You can edit...

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How can you change your display name in yahoo messenger?

So im actually trying 2 find this answer 4 my dad. He wants 2 know how your able 2 change your display name on yahoo messenger, Like righ now his current display name is Robb on yahoo messenger, but he wants it to say Robb Porter on his yahoo messenger...


To change display name in Yahoo!Messenger: Click on "Messenger" in the top left hand corner...

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Updated to new Yahoo messenger,now my personal name showing up instead of screen name - how can I change it?

I upgraded to the new Yahoo messenger w/voice - what a nightmare for some reason!! Couldn't get into Yahoo or messenger for days. Had to totally get rid of it and start all over. Now for some reason, when I send an instant message thru messenger my full...


Please follow this path. click on messenger> my contact details> make changes in ur nickname box...

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How can i change my yahoo instant messenger name so it will not show my yahoo user name?

i have yahoo i.m. and when i sign in it shows my yahoo user name. how can i change my instant messenger name without changing my yahoo email name?


To edit your name in an IM box... 1). Log into Yahoo! Messenger. 2). Click on Messenger. 3). Click on...

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How to change the personal name on yahoo messenger window?

HI! My relative has a problem with yahoo messenger and since she is an old lady and does not speak english I am trying to help her. The name on the main yahoo messenger window (which should be her), the one next to displayed image and where you can change...


She has to open Yahoo! Messenger Click on "Messenger" on the top menu bar Click on "My...

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How do I change the display name shown to people talk to on yahoo messenger?

I set my yahoo messenger, but I cannot figure out how to change my display name for people. I know how when I first request and to go on my messenger list, but this also the display name this person will always see. Or will they see the display name...


Go to your yahoo messenger friends list. Click on messenger, then click on "my contact details...

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How do you change ur name on yahoo messenger from real name back to your yahoo ID name as mine changed?

yahoo has placed my real name on the message windows instead of yahoo ID which it always has been am confused n need to know how to change it back to my yahoo ID


Go to ur profile and edit .. Keep ur real name to nothing..(i mean leave it blank..don't type nothing...

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How do you change the ID name for yahoo messenger?

the log on for yahoo messenger= yahoo email, is not the same as the name that is shown on the yahoo buddy list. I changed the first and last name on yahoo mail but it didn't change on yahoo messenger.


Try this.. On your yahoo messenger click on "Messenger" "My contact details" In...

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How can I change my last name on yahoo messenger?? ?

How can I change my last name on yahoo messenger?? I have already changed my last name on my yahoo account, but the yahoo messenger is still showing my wrong last name. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated!!


on the messenger box, click "My Contact Details", enter the last name you want and then hit...

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How do i change my yahoo messenger name?

My yahoo email is my first then last name with no spaces between my first n last name but I want my yahoo messenger name to be my first name then my last with a space between them? is that how it is automatically or what? I am so confused...


You can change the name that appears to others by following these steps: → Log in to your Yahoo...

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