How do I change my name on yahoo?

Let’s learn how do I change my name on yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you change your name on Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers did it again... My name is not Juana... It's Alice. How do I change it on Yahoo Answers (I tried changing it using the "change name" feature but it didn't work). Any suggestions?


There is a big dent in Yahoo Answers..It will be changed in 2 or 1 days it is slow on that so I am pretty...

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How do I CHANGE the name I used to FORM my Yahoo Email address to a NEW name WITHOUT losing MY Email Address?

This is a fairly simple Yahoo type question as in " How do I change my password?" etc. and so on... In my case it is VERY important to me because I am disabled and forming a corporation I can operate (primarily) from home and as my health conditon...


I'm not your favorite 'helper' but -short and sweet - here's how to change the name showing 'From' on...

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How do I change my name in Yahoo! groups if changing my profile and/or account info makes no difference?

I have tried every option to do this, but nothing works! I administer a Yahoo! group, and some of my users have asked how to change their details (basically, the information that comes up when they make a post on the group: "personal name"...


To make changes to your old profile information go to:

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How can I change the name on my yahoo email account?

I put a fake name down a couple years ago when I made my email address because I didn't want people to know my name since it is a bit rare and would be easy to find me. Now that I'm a bit older, I would like to change my fake name on yahoo (Jason Zambranski...


You can't change your Yahoo! ID, but you can get an extra email address for your existing account, or...

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How Do I Change Yahoo Answers Avatar and Display Name?

I know this has been asked a million times, but I can't find the answer I need through Google or Yahoo. I've changed the picture and name on my Yahoo! profile successfully. But as far as being able to change the avatar and display name on the Answers...


I see you know how to change your Avatar, so you probably only need steps 9 and 10, but check it out...

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How can I change my name in my yahoo account. when I login,it says welcome "My last name".I want my first name

When ever I login into my yahoo account, it says "Welcome Singhai". Actually Singhai is my last name but I want my first name to display there. When I was openeing the new yahoo account, I mistakenly printed my last name as first name and vice...


It isn't hard to do. 1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account. 2. Click "My Account" at the top...

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How come i can change my name in yahoo but when people receive my emails they see the previous name i put?

so wen i made this email account my name was al;dkjfaslkda or somethin like that because i was just tryn to make the account really fast. ive kept this one for some time now and i decided to change the name to my actual name. now wen i log into my yahoo...


You can change the FROM name or place one in for the first time by doing one of the following.. Click...

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How do i change my screen name on yahoo .com and how do i change my im name at yahoo i need to change it tks?

i don't want people to see my real name name on the computer i like to use nick names and things like that to protect my privacy but wheni sign into yahoo to get my own page and more


if you're after quick fix.. login to Yahoo! Messenger click on Messenger select My Contact Details at...

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How can you change your display name in yahoo messenger?

So im actually trying 2 find this answer 4 my dad. He wants 2 know how your able 2 change your display name on yahoo messenger, Like righ now his current display name is Robb on yahoo messenger, but he wants it to say Robb Porter on his yahoo messenger...


To change display name in Yahoo!Messenger: Click on "Messenger" in the top left hand corner...

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How can I change my first name and last name of my Yahoo email ID?

I want to change my first name and last name of my yahoo ID.But how? I do not like my last name and so I want to change it.I do not want to create a new ID.With this ID,how can I change it? If I click my account,I can change my password and not my last...


once you have given these details they cannot be changed,unfortunately if you want to change it then...

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