How do I change ownership of a Yahoo! group?

Let’s learn how do I change ownership of a Yahoo! group. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Change ownership of a Yahoo Group?

The current owner of our Yahoo group is no longer involved in our group, and cant find the time or pass word for us to change the ownership, we don't want to start another group. Can we change the ownership


Only the owner can do that. There apparently is no recourse. However, from your email page click Help...

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How do I change ownership of a Yahoo group when the owner doesn't remember how to log in?

I am a member of the group and the owner has agreed to let me assumer ownership - but she doesn't remember how to log in. Since she is no longer interested in the group, she more


I don't believe there is any way you can do this. The current owner will have to find a way to log back...

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How to change our yahoo ID. and still keep our group ownership?

From rockandpansy to rockandmicky. Pansy has gone on to be with the lord years ago and now there is micky my new wife. WE have want the yahoo ID, changed from rockandpansy to rockandmicky.


you may have to switch being moderator with your new address, as if you passed it onto some one's account...

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Sign into the account that gained ownership, and just reverse it. Hand it back to the original the same...

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How do I make someone a moderator of my group?… How...

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How can I change ownership of my Ygroup, if my Ygroup account is disabled for some1 spammed with my faked adrs

some unhappy spammer put my faked email address on autoresponder and flooded my group with messages containing my faked email address, message containing virus. Yahoogroup, without confirming the message originality, simply disabled my Yahoogroup account...


Go to the other Q that you have posted and check out my additional details.Good luck again! P.S. Ihope...

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Can't change ownership, says new person needs Yahoo membership?

We are trying to change ownership of our yahoo group to a member of our group that doesn't have a Yahoo email address. How do we make them owner? The current owner doesn't more


I believe people can create a Yahoo ID, but not have Yahoo mail. They once could opt out of the Yahoo...

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How to change ownership from one id to another?The current owner lost his account?

We have a peculiar problem. We created a group for the club in our college. we created a 'yahoo id' in common so that it can be passed on to the juniors. The common id was used as the owner of the group "kcttamilmandram". But unfortunately...


you're in a tough spot, and you're not the only group either with this issue. all you can do is send...

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After transfering the ownership of a group to another id, will I be responsible for any problem in the group?

currently I am owning a group. I want to change the ownership to a new yahoo id and susequently withdraw my ownership. Is it feasible? will any prbolem in the group affect the my yahoo id?


I don't see why not. What kind of problems would you have anyway....just form another group, you can...

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Our group owner's Yahoo ID is no longer active. What can we do?

We're trying to change ownership of our group. However, the original person who started the group used an ID that went inactive. I assume she didn't sign in under that name for some years and yahoo removed the account. She has continued to moderate and...


The only option at this point is start another group- sorry. yahoo started a process but never finished...

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