How do I change the default font in Yahoo Mail?

Let’s learn how do I change the default font in Yahoo Mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How change default font in Yahoo! mail?

I used to have my default text size at 12, but a couple of weeks ago, I changed it to 14 for a couple of e-mails, now I can't change it back to 12. I've checked the options but don't see a choice for setting font size. When I try to change it manually to 12 on individual e-mails, it automatically defers to 14...and sometimes to 10! The same thing happens when I select text and try to change it back to 12. Please help.


On the email page, click on Compose New in the upper left. Choose EMAIL. Under the box is the font size...

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How can you change the default colour and font in New Yahoo mail?

Hi All, I had the problem that when I started to type an email today, the default font was pink instead of black. As I read through suggestions here and also Yahoo help and found no working methode/answer, I logged this as an incident with Yahoo. I received...


Yahoo! Mail Beta now offers a complete selection of themes that allow you to customize your mail experience...

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How do I change the time zone in yahoo mail. and default font?

When I receive a e-mail the time stamp as to when it was sent is set on PST and I would like to change it to EST. Also how do you change the text size and font type so you don't have to select it each time you write an email?


Emails originating in the Yahoo system carry a time stamp according to the main servers on the west...

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How can you change the default font/color for outgoing messages in Yahoo mail? Or can you?

I know you can make a signature, but is there a way to change the font completely so that it is the same for every message I send? I get bored with the font that is already the more


That sucks, though. They should allow that. :(

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How can i change my default font in yahoo mail CLASSIC?

note that si yahoo mail CLASSIC...i know how to do it in beta or whatevar version there is ..i just don;t know how do to it here.


When you have the new email open look on your menu bar, right above where you start to type your message...

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How Do I Change The Default Size and Font in Yahoo Mail?

I use classic view because of a problem with the new one constantly refreshing. There is no option to change the font in general options. Any ideas?


In the Classic Mail, Yahoo doesn't allow us to permanently change their default settings---sorry, you...

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Here is the Yahoo Mail Help page for changing Font:

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Unable to alter the default Font, and Size in Yahoo Compose Mail?

To re-cap : When I go to the Yahoo Mail Compose window, between the message box and the "Attach Files/Insert Photos/New! Insert photos right from....../ boxes, I have a complete tool-bar with colored Icons all of which seem to work correctly except...


Go to bottom right. Where it says 100%. If its not set to 100%, set it.

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How to increase font size of Yahoo mail inbox?

Using the "new" Yahoo mail the font is too small when looking at the inbox message list. I have tried going to Options, Mailbox Options, and increasing the font from the default 10 to a larger size, and saving, but still get tiny fonts when...


change your monitors screen resolutions.

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