How do I change the name of my email address?

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How do I change my ENTIRE email address / user ID name?

I am divorcing and my current email address contains my married name. I want to change the ENTIRE email address to something different. is that possible? I have looked at the difference options in the Help menu where you can change the "sender" name or the "reply" name. I don't want to do that. I also do not want to delete my current email account and start a new one. Can you help me?


Yahoo allows you to create another email ADDRESS attached to the same email ACCOUNT. Just click Options...

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How do I CHANGE the name I used to FORM my Yahoo Email address to a NEW name WITHOUT losing MY Email Address?

This is a fairly simple Yahoo type question as in " How do I change my password?" etc. and so on... In my case it is VERY important to me because I am disabled and forming a corporation I can operate (primarily) from home and as my health conditon...


I'm not your favorite 'helper' but -short and sweet - here's how to change the name showing 'From' on...

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Why does my email address show an incorrect name when I send an email out and how can i change it?

My email address shows an incorrect name. It shows the name of a former friend, however I have had this email address for several years now. I have went into my account and changed the name however it still remains the wrong name. How can I change it...


go to ur email.....log in MAIL OPTIONS GENERAL PREFERENCES change ur FROM type the name u...

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HELP ME PLZ!!! How can I change the display name on my email address?

I recently opened a yahoo email address account, and the messenger IM thing. But what I am talking about here is just my email, not messenger. Anyway, when I send an email to someone, and they receive it, at the top of their email is my name, for instence...


If by chance you are talking about the FROM name that your recipients see in their inbox prior to opening...

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When i send email it shows it's from me by my email ''Name'' and ''Email Address'' how do i change my name??

i have already went into my account info and changed my name there but when i send an email it still shows my old name that i want to change? i need to know where to go to change that one too


You need to change your "From" and that will fix your problem. Click Options in the upper...

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Yahoo email - how change or remove name from email address?

I am using the Yahoo Classic email setup. I changed from my actual name to a pseudonym in the email options but my actual name still shows up on sent emails. On other Yahoo questions and answers, I noticed that the options after hitting "options...


The process has changed with Yahoo Updates. CHANGE "FROM" NAME IN YAHOO MAIL 1. Click on the...

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How do I change my name that appears by my email address? I have updated my info under 'My Account'- no luck.

I recently created a new email address and I want to be able to change the name that appears beside my email address. Is there a way to do this? I have updated the profile section of the 'my account' section to what I want, but it did not change the...


You can change the FROM name and the REPLY TO address on the "General Preferences" page. With...

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When I send an email it shows a persons name and then my email address. How do I change the name shown?

My email was set up by my ex-wife and shows her name then my email address. eg: Rachel Judith Johns < How do I remove her name from my emails?


Assuming you use Outlook Express (this is the default e-mail programme on most pc's). Open Outlook>...

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How do I change the name on my email address without changing the account itself?

I have a little problem. On my email my name has my ex husbands last name. My boyfriend is having a little temper tantrum about it. Ive had this account for years and I'm signed into everything with this name. But I don't want his feelings to be hurt...


On your mail page, click on "options" in the upper right corner----then scroll to and click...

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Changed my email acct due to a name change. How can I transfer my address book and calender info to new acct?

I just got married and changed my name. My email address is my name so it made sense to change the email name to reflect that. I have information in my address book and Yahoo Calendar that I would like to transfer to the new email account. There must...


Yahoo Mail > Address tab > Options > Import/Export Exchange information between Yahoo! Address...

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