How do I change the picture image on my profile?

Let’s learn how do I change the picture image on my profile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I can't change my Avatar! How do I change it!?

So I've tried changing through my Yahoo answers profile. I've gone to Edit my preferences and I've tried to change my picture in edit my profile image and I get the picture but I always end up seeing the old picture. What do you see? Or does it take time to switch?


1st one for a pic, second for an avatar. Click on view my profile. Double click on your picture or avatar...

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On my yahoo profile I cannot change the image.I try to upload a picture from my puter, and i get "error999"?

I need help. I cannot change the picture on my yahoo profile( not yahoo 360, just yahoo profile ). I deleted the photo I had and I cannot upload a new one.I keep getting "sorry, more


got o the website below and downlaod free yahoo avatar editor, this will let u add or cahnge or delete...

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In order to change your profile picture on IMVU, you can either click the small arrow (which is almost...

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How Do I Get My Twitter Profile Picture to Change?!?

okay so for the past like 5 days ive been trying to change my picture and whenever i browse my photos, choose one and wait for it to load it says twitter is having to many people doing something at once and it keeps doing this! so anyways i decided maybe...


Because you've deleted the photo, there's nothing there to change. So you need to start from the beginning...

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How to change my profile picture to an avatar?

I recently made a yahoo avatar and was wondering how you change your yahoo profile picture to it?I went into my profile,pressed change image and pressed the avatar,and it didn't more


AVATAR 2 ways to do it. Go to My Activity, top center, click Edit my Preferences then click Update Picture...

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Change profile picture in chat with a mac?

I upgraded to a more recent version of yahoo chat and now have a profile picture that I want to change. I click on the profile picture and open Display image. I then go to browse to select and click on the image I want. It appears i the image box but...


Do it

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Why won't my Profile Image change?

I know how to do it - 1)Click Edit My Info. 2) Click Edit My Profile Image. 3)Click Change photo. 4)Use arrow key to highlight new photo. 5)Click Use Selected Photo. 6)Close far right window at top<xxx profile on yahoo>.)7)Click Home on Edit My...


I don't know but I am having the same problem! I tried all of that too. and when I go to my profile...

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Can't change Profile Image in Yahoo Messenger.?

I've already asked this but the previous suggestions did not work. For some reason, I cannot change my profile image on Yahoo Messenger. I click on my current picture, click display image, click select image but when I click "Browse" Yahoo...


Good thing I checked your previous question on your profile before answering (It would have been helpful...

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Can't change my Twitter profile picture?

When I try to change my Twitter profile picture from the standard egg photo i choose the file i want and it doesn't change.. then I try clicking save changes but it doesn't change the picture. It is a JPEG image and it is the right size. Any ideas?


I had the same problem expect I couldn't find the place where it said.... profile pic. change it. or...

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Would any1 know how 2 upload pic 2 profile after latest Yahoo change?

Just very recently after going to „upload pic” page from „edit profile” page after pressing „Upload” button page is being redirected to Yahoo photos (???) … instead of uploading picture as usual. See pics: Step...


i can still upload a pic from my comp through the "browse" so i cant help you much other then...

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