How do I create a new Yahoo screen name if I already have one?

Let’s learn how do I create a new Yahoo screen name if I already have one. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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just go to yahoo mail and sign up for one the same way you signed up for yours

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How do I create a new screen name on yahoo?

I have one screen name and I need a new one. Anyone know how to create a new yahoo screen name?



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How can i be signed into two different screen names at one time on yahoo IM?

k, my friend is able to be signed onto two screen names at one time... on the same messenger. and she can chose what screen name she wants to use with different people. and she don't know how to set it up cause her boy friend did it for her... and i...


Well, you can be signed into Yahoo using Mail Beta. You can also be on another ID using Messenger. ...

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I have more than one account on Yahoo and when I download the new messenger it only allows me to use one, why?

I have been having problems changing my photo on my Yahoo profile, when I try to I get an error message saying it can't be completed at that time. It may be related to the problems I've been having with the new Yahoo Messenger. I downloaded the new version...


The new messenger has been giving everyone problems, in your messenger, go under help and then report...

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Is there anyway to get a yahoo screen name that you know has been deleted?

If it been deleted for a period of time(3yrs) can you re create a yahoo screen name? Does yahoo ever delete screen names that are idle for years? There are a few names i would like to have that have been around a very long time and no one ever answers...


just try it and see if it works, even though you might have deleated it someone else might have gotton...

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Why does yahoo tell me that someone already has my screen name and to choose another one?

I deleted my yahoo screen name last week then decided I wanted it back. So today I went to my yahoo messenger to choose another screen name and when I choose the same name I already had it is telling me that someone already has that name. I know that...


Yahoo keeps a database of every single name that has ever been taken. It is saying its unavailable because...

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Why can I not log into yahoo messenger under my screen name drake1865 but I can under another one?

I have checked my id and password and they are both correct. Yet I can get into my other screen name. I can't even get into my yahoo mail under the screen name drake1865, but when I pull up yahoo page it says that I'm loged in at least it says my name...


Sounds like somehow your account got corrupted or hacked and Yahoo has disabled it. I think your best...

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How do I change the way my name appears on messenger,shows my legal name instead of my yahoo ID on one screen?

on the main messenger screen it suddently shows my full legal name along side my message when I send. On the email screen chat it shows just my first name and on webmessenger it shows my yahooID. Why the difference and how do I remove my full legal name...


Since the last update this has happened to a few users unvoluntarily. To get it changed go to your yahoo...

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Yahoo uses my alternate screen name when I sign in using my primary one.?

When I sign into Yahoo using my primary screen name and go into a Yahoo Chat room my screen name changes to one of my alternates. Why? How can I fix this? I didn't make any changes for this to happen.


When you are logged on to yahoo e-mail, go to On the upper right hand corner it says Hi...

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Ok i had a yahoo screen name(instant messenger) and i wanted a new one with a cooler name and i did that?

but now it does not show up like doesnt pop up DID I HAVE TO DELETE MY OLD SCREEN NAME? AND HOW WOULD I DO THAT but it did work for sure because i am on hear and i have a email address so how do i get instant messenger the NEW SCREEN NAME I MADE UP


no clue it shoulda worked it did 100s of times for me lol

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