How do I delete my Google account?

Let’s learn how do I delete my Google account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How can I delete my Google Wave account?

I would like to delete my Google Wave account. I just don't want to have anything to do with Google Wave any more, but I want to keep my existing Google account (Gmail, Docs, etc).


It will automatically delete itself after nine months of inactivity. Aside from that, I don't believe...

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How do I delete my Google account without deleting my Youtube account?

I tried everything to unlink my Youtube and Google account but it's like Youtube is forcing me to have a Google account. I tried to delete my Google account but they don't more


"For the time being, once a link has been made between YouTube and gmail accounts, it is permanent...

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How do I delete my Google Adsense Account?

Most of the questions that I've found delete your whole Google Account, which I'm really afraid to do. How can I delete just my Adsense account?


First check there are no holds on your account and that you are over the cancellation threshold ($1...

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How to delete Google Plus account?

I recently got made a Google Plus account with my hotmail address. Now I want to delete it, but I can't seem to even login. Can anyone help to delete the account? Thanks so much! :)


delete your gmail.,,.or go to google account settings and de select google plus

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How do I delete my Google+ account?

Okay so earlier I made a Google+ account on my yahoo but now I think my yahoo account got deactivated? anyways my google+ is still there. If i could login id delete it! Help me please


Click on your profile picture, click "account". On the bottom it says "Close account...

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How do I delete my google plus account?

I created an account just to write a review only to discover that I had to create a google plus profile and share my location. So I tried to delete my google plus account but it more


Try the following link:

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How to delete a google account ?

im not sure how to delete my google account. how do i delete it ?


go to setting, than account settings, than my products edit and remove account permanently. check all...

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How do you delete a pic PERMANENTLY from showing up on google images from a blogger google account?

i already deleted the image and the blogs but its still on google search engine will it stop showing up after like a day or how do i make it stop showing up on google images??please help


Once something is on the internet it will say on there forever

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How the hell do you delete your Google account?

I keep trying to delete my Youtube account but it wont get deleted because its connected to the stupid google account and its pissing me off. Anyone know what do? It only says i can more

Answer: Use google and search for How do you delete your Google...

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How do i delete my youtube and google plus account?

I made a youtube account through google plus and now i want to delete both of them is there any way i can do it in the mobile version (i use my ipods internet alot) if not then how do i do it just on a regular computer???? Please and thank you! (:


-- Sign in with your username and password. -- Click on your username in the upper-right corner. --...

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