How do I download hair in Sims 2?

Let’s learn how do I download hair in Sims 2. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Where can I download some male hair for Sims 2?

I've already tried modthesims, but all the hair on there is weird-looking, I want normal hair. Not scene, not anime, just normal looking. Can someone give me a site or link to some normal looking male hair? Modthesims is fine, I just want a specific link because all the hair I've seen on there is weird-looking.


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How can i download things for Sims 2? Like hair and clothes if the Sims 2 site doesn't work?

i wanted to get some new things on my Sims but wont work. i guess the EA company on the Sims 2 site wont allow to purchase or download new things? why is that and how can i cant some?


Try " ModTheSimscom "

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certian websites dont work with certian computer systems your best bet is to use

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How do i download hair and clothes for my Sims 2 (PC)?

when i click on the picture t says run or save, i clicked save but where do i save it, i saved it in the EA games sims 2 folder but what do i do now? nothing comes up when i go to more


Go to then you can download loads of stuff for free. I have downloaded loads and never...

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Where can I download Sims 3 hair styles and how?

Where can I download hair styles for the sims 3. And how do I get it on the game? If you don't know how its ok.


Please search the Answers before asking questions. This question has been asked (and answered) a million...

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Go to or to find and download free Sims 2 files. also has...

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Any good websites to download sims 2 hair?

I want a website where you can download FREE hair for all your sims. I don't want answers referring to TSR, I cannot use meshes, they don't work on my computer.


Go to I use it for 99% of my custom content..they have a great collection and I'm almost...

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Sims 2 Where I can download this hair?

I don't know where to download it. Here's the link. I hope someone will recognize this hair


Well if you go to that website you posted there will be a pink box in the middle that says Sims # Venena...

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Where can I get an emo hair download for Sims 2?

Free ones, of course. Also, What are the best sites for FREE hair, clothes, sims, houses, furniture, etc.?


IMO GOS (Garden of Shadows) has best hair for both sexes. It requires registration but all downloads...

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You go to the sims 2 exchange (on the sims 2 site) and you download it to the game, but the game and...

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