How do I find a financial adviser?

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How does one find a good financial advisor?

I've talked to a few FA's and they all seem more intent on selling me products than giving me advice. Case in point - one of them was pushing me to invest my cash savings in her bank's funds when I had about $10k in credit card debt that should have been paid off first. So my question is - how do I go about finding a financial advisor that actually gives good advise instead of trying to make a buck off me?


Fred is correct ... MOST financial advisors (but not all) are paid either for managing your assets or...

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How do I find a qualified independent financial adviser in France?

I have recently found that I have been tricked into taking out a personal loan in France. I have checked and everything is above board - I just wasn't careful enough. Therefore, I need to speak to a financial adviser to help me work out how to minimise...


Go check for a CGPI. Ask Generali or other insurers, they works with many of them.

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How do I find a financial adviser that specializes in funding education?

I am an adult, non-traditional student and I have several financial decisions to consider, such as whether I should quit my job to go to school full-time, how to manage my current debt situation while I am in school etc. How do I find a financial adviser...


Hey Amber. Try visiting this site: It will allow you to type...

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How do I find a Financial adviser/planner for my specific needs?

My fiancee and I want to get a good adviser to help us make the right choices. and to help put us towards our goals. We are not at the point to be getting investment such as mutual funds etc but we will to be at some point. We need advice on home loans...


look for a certified planner that charges by the hour. There are some "free" advisers that...

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How to find a good Financial Adviser in my area?

IS there a website that list good ones? Should they have some sort of certification? Would like to use one to help with investments, savings, and other financial services...


well you can find one online. There are many financial service providers available on the internet....

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Where can I find a financial adviser whose main business is not selling insurance?

I am 64 and own my own small business. How do I find someone who is paid by the hour and has a deep and broad understanding of estate planning, when to start taking Social Security, etc, etc. I have heard that most "financial advisors" make...


You may find some freelance financial advisors at website like .

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I have recognised Financial Adviser Qualifications in the UK. Is there a way to find out if these would be eligible in the USA ?

As a UK citizen, I have qualifications to Certificate Level for Financial Planning/Mortgage Adviser/Long Term Care and General Insurance with the Chartered Insurance Institute. Would more


No way. Licensing is through the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and specialized courses...

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Use Suze Orman's website and her financial calculators, at:

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How do i find a good financial adviser?

I have inquired with a few places and they did not seem very responsive.


I will suggest you to contact Business Finance Broker. It will surely help you out. http://www.businessfinancebroker...

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Financial advisors are there to make money FROM you. They have BMW's to buy and $5,000 a month mortgage...

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