How do I fix my PSP fat's battery?

Let’s learn how do I fix my PSP fat's battery. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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"you open the batterie slot and put the new batterie in" that's a simple answer that is very...

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How to fix my psp battery?

whenever i turn it on while its not charging it offs even if i charged it for hours. the orange light appears when i charge it and it ons if it is still plugged in the charger. so in other words PSP PLUGGED IN THE CHARGER- TURNS ON, WORKS PSP NOT PLUGGED...


You can't fix the battery, my suggestion buy a new one or consult it fisrt to the experts.

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Can i fix my psp :( without pandora battery?

ok my psp stoped working it was a 3.71 m33-2 version now when i turn it on the black screen dosent turn on and the gteen light goes on for like about thirty seconds then turns off so is there any i can fix it without using a pandoras battery.... also...


Get a new battery.…

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put it on charge while you update it

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How do you fix a broken battery pack of a psp?

it feel out of my hands and im wondering what has happened and how i fix it?


1. throw away in the trash can 2. buy a new one

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PSP Charger Base Problem?

I try to plug in and recharge my PSP battery for a minute. After recharge (green LED light),I put my battery to my PSP system,I turn it on and it says,it not fully charge yet.I try to put my battery back in the charger base for a minute (red LED light...


well you can wrap around the psp charger around the psp it will charge it this happened to me once and...

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PSP Battery Problem, 10 points for best answer?

Ok, I have a psp 3000 and my friend has a psp 1000 and I wanted to update his psp, but his psp said battery to low to update, so I put mine in and put mine in his for the moment, when his psp was done updating, I took back my battery put it in and it...


Looks like you overloaded the circuits and it caused the circuits to fry. So you totally fried your...

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Trying to fix friend's PSP, need some help?

So, my friend's PSP doesn't work quite right (and for the record, it's a white PSP 2000). The main problem is that it normally won't turn on unless the AC adapter is plugged in, and when it does turn on (under AC power), it only stays on for like 5 minutes...


had water entered his psp?also try updating the firmware,thats all we can do about,psp,

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How do i downgrade my psp? where do i download psp stuff online?

question 1: ok here is the thing. i have a psp running on firmware 5.00m33-6. can anyone tell me how to downgrade my psp to firmware 1.50 without a pandora battery? i also have a psp running on firmware 5.00m33-4 and i want to downgrade it to 1.50 too...


You can download them from then it is pretty simple after that, just download...

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2 psp, one stopped working and tried all 3 batteries i had and now all batteries short circuited. How do i fix

I have 2 psp's. One is version 1.5 one is 2.0. The 1.5 has stopped working before and would not work until I charged with the charger that came with it as I was only using the 2.0. I though that was weird. Now I can not get the 1.5 to turn on. I tried...


you dont. you sell it and throw it away and buy a ds. the psp sucks. the ds is so much better and it...

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