How do I get ALL of my music from my computer onto iTunes?

Let’s learn how do I get ALL of my music from my computer onto iTunes. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i get music off of my itunes account onto my computer?

I had an account that was synced to a certain computer and a specific ipod. But then my computer crashed so my company took it away from me, and I stopped using my ipod. So now I have a completely worthless ipod (it's broken), as well as no computer...


if you just go on to any computer and sign in on your account it will remember that you purchased it...

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How do you get your music onto itunes on a mac computer?

I have all of my music on my mac, but don't know how to get them on itunes so I can transfer them onto my ipod. I've never used a mac before until now. It's so confusing. Please help.


>First, open iTunes. >Then, go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>and make sure that "...

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How can i get my music from Itunes onto my computer?

I want to get music on my computer. i want to be alble to get the windows movie maker and you can just pull it over! if you can tell me how it would help! thanks! Sims3MusicVids


Well, technically it ALREADY is on your computer, but that's beside the point. Go to Edit > Preferences...

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How to get music on itunes on your computer onto your ipod?

Hi there~ I found this website which converts youtube videos into mp3, so I downloaded the mp3 version of the song, and now it's on the itunes on my computer, but I tried to sync my itouch with my computer, and the songs never show up on my itouch :...


you plug it into your computer and sync. if the videos don't download it it because the videos aren...

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How do I get my itunes music from my old computer onto my new one?

So my old computer pretty much just broke down. I got all of the files from it put onto a USB drive thing and have it plugged into my new computer and can see all of the files but i can not transfer the files. Please help!... If you have any more questions...


Well you need to talk a memory chip and download all your iTunes music onto it. Once done that you put...

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Help! How do I get music from another computer onto my itunes?

Last night I got a lot of songs from my cousin's computer and put it on my iPod, but in order to do so I had to sync up my iPod with their computer. Now I want to upload songs more


There are third party programs. Google it.

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How do you get music from your computer (itunes or windows media ??) onto your LG fusic phone???????????/?

I have the USB cord, the mini SD card, the apdater fro the mini card, and the card reader for my computer. But all the representatives from SPRINT and LG can't help me. Some one more


If u wanna transfer files between phone to pc,vice versa, these are what u need: 1. ur phone needs to...

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How do you get music from one computer to my other computer using my iTunes library?

Okay so idk if it is possible, but I bought a lot of music for my iPod on my old computer, but I got a new computer. And I would like to buy more music on this new one but this little message keeps popping up that says I can only have one iTunes library...


You could upload the music from your iPod to your new computer.

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How do i get all the music from my I-Pod to a different computer/Itunes?

I had a old computer and a itunes on it but now we have a new computer and i'm not sure how to get the music from my ipod which i bought from the old computer) onto the new itunes. I have tried to transfer purchases but that only seemd to tranfer 30...


An iPod can be synced with only one iTunes account at a time. once you switched to a new iTunes account...

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