How do I get a Yahoo 360 account?

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How do i get a yahoo 360 account ?

how do i get a yahoo 360 account and do i need to be on a certain level to get one and does it cost ? if so how much ?


just go to 360 from yahoo main page or toolbar and you should be able to just set one up. you don't...

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How do i quit from yahoo 360 degree.i don want get rid of my yahoo account jus want to get out of yahoo 360.?

i want to jus *** out of yahoo 360 degree n not yahoo messenger n email id coz my id is very inportant as i can delete my yahoo i jus want to *** out of yahoo 360 degree.plz help


U cant delete ur 360 account individually. U shall hv to delete ur yahoo account completely. Nevertheless...

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I just made a "yahoo 360" account but I dont know how to get my picture on this thing. Help!!?

I just finished my yahoo 360 but when I go to edit my info and I wanna change my picture I cant click on "use my yahoo 360 image" and under that it says "get my yahoo 360 now" and I just did. How do I get my yahoo 360 picture on this...


Click the link that says, my page. Then click on Edit personal photos, then upload a photo from your...

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PLEASE HELP!!! How do you get rid of your Yahoo! 360 account?!?! Please help!!!?

I accidentally clicked the button to get an account on Yahoo! 360. but I don't want one!!! I don't want to ignore it either, I want to delete my Yahoo 360 account without having to delete my whole yahoo account. Please help. Serious, practical, and helpful...


Unfortunately, you can't just "get rid" of your 360 account without getting rid of the entire...

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How do I get rid of my yahoo 360 account without having to remove my entire yahoo account?

I want to keep my yahoo email account but I just want to remove yahoo 360...


you go to yahoo 360 page and make it private and no one can read it or you can used the option on you...

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What is a 360 account and how do you get a yahoo avatar?

i want to know how to get an avatar for me yahoo account but i don't know how. every one says to get a 360 account but what is that and how do you get it??


Yahoo 360 was shut down over a year ago so you can't get one now anyway. How do I use my avatar for...

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How do I get my old Yahoo 360 onto a new yahoo e-mail account?

I have moved to a new state that does not have AT&T so my e-mail account is going to expire with all my old stuff. I want to keep my Yahoo 360 information that I had already written but don't know how to get it over to my new yahoo...


I think you could at least save all your blog entries, then copy and paste them when you make your new...

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I've deleted my old yahoo ID/Account, but my 360 page is still up. How can I get that deleted as well?

I thought that if I deleted me old Yahoo ID/Account that it would also get rid of my old 360 page. It didn't. I've emailed 360 support seven times now and received no response. I can't even log into that 360 page now despite it still being active. What...


I think you might now just have to wait.... for maybe 2 years !? See HERE for a lot of info I've collated...

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How do you get like normal pics as your picture on your yahoo 360 account? like some people have on theres?

how do you do that i do see some people with this done can you tell me how? like instead of a avatar i want to do that? plus it ain't showing up on my yahoo answers profile that i have yahoo 360 people cant see it how do i change that so people can see...


go to your 360 account and click on my page heading, and you will be able to start where it says edit...

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HELP!!! How do I get my 360 page back now that I've created a new yahoo account? Or,how do I create a new one?

I had an account with yahoo and used an alternate email address for my profile. I have since deleted that primary account, and created a new yahoo account with my primary address, more


From experience I know that if you deleted the primary account that you've lost access to the old 3...

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