How do I get a new font for my MSN messenger?

Let’s learn how do I get a new font for my MSN messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Hey Man. You gotta get MSN plus. No viruses or anything. But for those who have it. They will see colours...

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all you have to do is click on the little a, near the emote button. you can change your style, font...

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Can you add a new font to your msn?

i really want the font... century gothic? for my msn messenger? does anyone have any ideas how ican get it please!!


This should help:

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What is this version of msn messenger?

i want to know what the version of msn messenger is called .. where you can do handwriting and get the font DokChampa. it would be greattttttly appreciated!


I use MSN messenger 2009, the most updated one and it has the handwriting option! About the font with...

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Msn live messenger problem?

so i try to get on my msn messenger and usually when im about to sign in it shows my pic and this time it doesnt and everything is smaller(font and everything) so i sign in and my display pic doesnt fit in the green box like its not even with it and...


upgrade to the latest version or install "MSN Messenger...

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How can I get msn live messenger to work on my yahoo messenger to work?

I have added some contacts from my msn messenger and they do show up on my list but they do not show up when they are signed in on msn like you have said it would. Can you please fix this problem? I have friends I like to chat with that can only upload...


I don't think one messenger should know what the other is doing. To benefit from the full features install...

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My Windows Live Messenger Plus only works with the OLD msn, how do I get it to work with beta?

I downloaded Messenger Plus and and it will only with with the old msn, I've deleted and re-installed Messenger Live several times, and did the same with Messenger Plus. When I logged onto my msn on the oldest version of it, i had Messenger plus as an...


when a new messenger comes out, a new plus has to be made for it. the new messenger live has been out...

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How to get Msn Messenger 8.5 back?

When ever I try to install Msn Messenger 8.5 it work. But when I try to log in it tells me I have to install Msn Messenger 9.0. I don't like Msn Messenger 9.0. >_<


you can try to download from by search for windows live messenger. then you can choose...

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How to change the font of my msn messenger ?

I just changed my language in the regional and language option to Chinese PRC to watch PP Stream because only the chinese language supports that program. But, after i changed it, the font in my chats are like the Century font. How can I change the font...


You should be able to go to options and change the font from there.

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I cannot get a picture on Yahoo Messenger or MSN messenger using my built in web cam. How do I get the image?

I just bought the laptop with the built in web cam and can see an image when I open the program but cant see anything when in yahoo messenger or msn messenger


Once your webcam is working on your computer,you can configure it to Yahoo Messenger. Its good practice...

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