How do I get a video file off a sony video camera disk?

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How do i get a video file off a sony video camera disk?

I have a sony video camera and lots of disks of stuff ive recorded. these are the tiny disks. When i put them into any pc they pc doesnt seem to recognise them, and if it does i cant play anthing from them. if i right click on the disk and clcik explore, there is only a small sound file that lasts about 1 second. Please help!


It seems you need a dvd converter, you may try Moyea dvd4web converter

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How to get video footage from my video camera on to a file?

I need to upload a video to YouTube. I see that I first need a file with video footage on it. I don't know how to get the footage from the camera on to a file. This is where I need help. Here are the details: I have a JVC Compact VHS Camcorder. So it...


Have to convert analog video from VHS vcam to digital before it can be imported to any computer. Try...

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I've formatted my Sony digital video camera disk and there were a lot of important videos. How do I recover?

The video camera was brand new last summer, and I recorded a journey to the USA, about 20 of the whole 60GB. I formatted the hard disk completely by mistake and not used the cam since. Please, which software would be the appropiate? I've used VirtualLab...


Have you checked the Sony support site for your camera??

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PLEASE Help "Formatting a Disk" so I can get files from my video camera to pc?

I have some videos on my video camera which is a disk, not memory stick or anything inside. When I plug it into my pc, the F drive appear, I click it and it says. You need to format the disk in F Drive before you use, Format Disk? I click yes Give it...


Did you finalize the disk (in camera) beforehand? Try that and see.

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What kind of Sony video camera should I get?

Okay so I need a new video camera. I want to get one that's not too expensive. But... which one? I want one from sony. Please leave a link to a video camera that you think is good from Sony's website.


Hi Catherine, and welcome to the Y!A Camcorders section: You didn't mention a dollar-figure for your...

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How do I get footage off the Sony PMW-EX1 video camera?

I have just completed the filming of a project I am working on using the Sony PMW-EX1 video camera. I have never used this camera before and I am having trouble getting my footage off more


See page 110 of the Sony PMW-EX1 owners manual

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I have a sony HDD Hi-def video camera but I can't find editing software that will work with it's file format.

I can convert the file to low def but I want to edit it in Hi-def. The video codec is AVC 1440x1080 and the file ends in .m2ts. I have premier elements which doesn't work.


Sony's Vegas and Vegas Movie Studio editors can both handle the m2t files, but the preferred workflow...

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How do I get video from an 8mm disk, recorded from a Sony Handycam?

No, I don't have picture motion browser software(lost the disk), nor do I have a firewire. I have a USB cable which doesn't work. Is there any downloads that can take video from the disk (finalized of course) itself, or if anyone has picture motion browser...


nope, u need firewire, plain and simple, sorry...GET A MAC. lol, sorry

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I Cannot get video files from a mini disk of camera?

i bought hany camera sony carl zeiss vario nd when i recorded videos i wanted to put them in my computer so my coputer couldnt read the mini disk ??? what should i have to do??? i was told tht i should downoad its driver where can i find it?? i looked...


Whoa. This is going to be hard not knowing the name, model number or type of camcorder. I think you...

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I just bought a Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera and I can shoot video as well but I don`t get any sound?

The manual doesn`t have anything on this. Is there suppose to be sound with the video and what would be the best memory card to get for this camera? The camera modle is DSC-S650.


According to the Sony website the camera can capture 320 x 240 audio/video clips at high frame rate...

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