How do I get an email address if it is still available?

Let’s learn how do I get an email address if it is still available. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Go to the " Windows Live: Hotmail Sign In / Up Page" (See Resources.) Click the "Sign...

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How do I get a new email address and transfer from old email address to the new email address?

I want to close out my current email address but before I do that I want to open another email address and transfer everything in my INBOX, SENT BOX and CONTACT BOX to my new email address before closing down my current email address. How can I do that...


When you close your account, you lose access to your Yahoo! ID, Yahoo! Mail, and profile names. (Yahoo...

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How to get a firstname.lastname email address with a common name?

What's the best way for someone with a common name to get a permanent firstname.lastname email address? When I first went online in 1995, I picked an email address in tribute to my new puppy. Unfortunately, he's probably not got that many years left...


If you register your own domain, you can then run gmail on that domain, which might simplify option...

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Can I get rid of my yahoo email address and get a new one that isn't similar to someone else emaill address?

My yahoo e-mail address must be similar to someone else's yahoo e-mail address or someone has been using my email because I got an email that was to my email address but it was for someone with a different last name.When I first saw the e-mail I thought...

Answer:… This tell you how to close one. Things to be aware...

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If I reply to this email that a yahoo user sent me will they get my email address?

I answered a question and the user that asked the question emailed me. I clicked on the email and it gave me the email and under it, it said, "To continue the conversation click this link" and it gave me a link and it said You received this...


If you use the email service here on answers, then no, Yahoo keeps our address private. You don't get...

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When clicking on an email address to automatically compose a message how can I get the address to automaticall

how can I automatically get the email address to show up in the to field when I click on a email address to compose a message to them? It usto automatically show up in the to field but now it dosen't so then you have to go back and copy and cut and paste...


Go to the options in your Yahoo Email, click Mail, then click General Preferences. Go to the very bottom...

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How come these things (email - please refer below) get through my address? BEWARE...Paging Mr. Bill Gates...?

Microsoft Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 MICROSOFT TODAYS WINNERS OF GBP £2,000,000.00 This is to inform you that Microsoft Corporation is marking their Anniversary Today. From our Microsoft records we found that you...


Spammers have all sorts of tricks they use to slip these things past anti-spam software, including constantly...

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Yahoo isnt recognizing my old email address and I cant get my contacts transfered. What do I do?

My old email address was sending my contacts nasty and provacative messages. Yahoo would not let me get into my acct so I could change my email address and password. So I had to set up a new email address with a new password. My problem is Im now trying...

Answer:… Click on the link and answer a few questions good luck...

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I have a new email address.but i can not use my old email address. and i need to get some information for that

i have a email address with aol and i do not have them any more but i have a email address with them and i want to know how to get my email on to my new email address.


You should have forwarded them before you changed providers. Now start using Yahoo mail and you will...

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Trying to set up yahoo 360, I go to register email address and get.."Sorry, this email is already in use"

I saw someone else asked this question but they didn't get a useful answer so I'm re-asking it as i've been having the same problem with mine for at least a year. I have tried using 6 different email addresses, none of which are misspelled. I tried using...


Ok I found source of bug and was able to fix myself. Here is the defect in the 360 site. Even if I choose...

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