How do I get e-mail contacts back?

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How do I get my email contacts and folders back from old address?

Cannot get my contacts to come up or get to my folders? Cannot figure out what happened to them. How do i get in to get them back. Changed my email address awhile back, has been working fine, now cannot get them? Please advise how to get them back?


Can you sign in using the old address? If so it might be still listed there and then you can transfer...

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Imposter hacked my email and transferred all my contacts and mailed to ask for money.How can get back contact?

Some one hacked my yahoo email a/c. He started to mails to my contacts to get money by fruad. how can i get back my contacts of my address book. Thanks Anwar


Dear, Same happened to me. My account is more than 15 years old and I lost all my contacts and emails...

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My contacts on my email account are gone how do I get them back?

When I open my personal email at work all my contacts are gone. If I open my email at home the contacts are there. HELP!


Yes, you can restore a deleted contact within a certain amount of time. Click View above your contact...

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How do I get back to old version of contacts. Need to find people alphabetical by email name not real name?

In the old version email address was listed with the person's name so I could quickly scan down the list and find an email address. Now I have to check each one individually. I need to delete an email address that has returned email, but I don't have...


in your mail page click on Options and then click on go back to classic Y mail good luck. €&euro...

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We have lost 2 email contacts in our spam folder. How do we get them back?

We can email these 2 contacts, but we don't receive their answer. The spam folder takes them before we see them. How can we get them back?


While viewing the messages in your spam folder. Mark the messages as "not spam".

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How can I get the old format back. I cannot get my contacts to forward when I want to send an email?

When I forward an email I cannot access my contacts so I can send anything to them.


Yahoo mail is the worst. Do yourself a huge favor and switch to Gmail or Hotmail (

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My Email contacts view has changed. How do i get the old view back with the Email addresses under the contact?

The new contacts block is a itty bitty 3 x 3 block in the lower left hand corner of the screen. useless. i guess they needed the room for their advertisement.


This is yahoos latest upgrade to Classic. I have tried everything and can not find a way to change it...

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All of my email contacts have gone? How do I get them back?

I tried to send an email and discovered that all of my contact details have been deleted. I'm very confused! Please help me get them back.


Loads of users have reported the same problem today, apparently it's just another glitch. Solutions...

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I have lost my contacts in my email. How do I get them back?

When I click on contacts in my email, the contact file is blank.


This is currently a problem for everyone. You can not even get to the address URL directly. You will...

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Lost my email contacts how can i get them back?

problems with email and lost all my contacts


you have Yahoo Messenger? If you do you might have the same address in your messenger contacts archive...

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