How do I get my internet explorer to connect?

Let’s learn how do I get my internet explorer to connect. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Internet Explorer won't do I get a new browser without getting online?

The actual connection is not the problem, it's just the program. How can I get another browser without getting online?


If you have another computer, it MAY be possible to download something like Google chrome, put it on...

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check to make sure there are no proxies set. sometimes that's the case with that ao-hell crap.

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When I connect to Internet Explorer I get there but I have lost to toolbar (File, Edit,View...)?

How can I get this toolbar back. I can't Print form e-mail or from web site


It is probably hidden by default in the settings (this is a change in the newer versions) for access...

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There is no valid dll file of that name. You appear to have a virus or spyware. I suggest that you go...

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I can connect to internet on explorer, but not on firefox, and I can't get to iTunes store? Any ideas?

Every other computer in the house on the same network has no problems, so this is localized to my computer.


Have you tried looking at you're firewall on that computer. Maybe it is blocking those particular programmes...

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I can't get my Internet Explorer to connect. Can you help me?

It just keeps saying "connecting" and showing the little hourglass. It's been this way for a couple of months and I'm using Foxfire for now. But I really want my more


Why bother... Mozilla is much better...

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I get error message on internet explorer that there is a network failure to connect.?

I am having this problem with my home computer, not my mobile when I load an email to read. A message comes up Network Failure. It doesn't do this all the time, about half the more


When this message comes up you an option to repair internet connection. Another thing you...

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I accidentally deleted my Internet Explorer 7... how do I get it back?

I deleted it a while ago now, like a week or two ago. Cuz my computer had a virus and IE was being retarded so I deleted it >< so then I had to take it to Office Depot to get rid of the virus But now all the programs I downloaded from IE dont work...


why would you want to use internet explorer? here you go:

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How do i get specific programs to connect to a proxy internet server?

I am on a university network that provides internet access. unfortunately it seems like only internet explorer can connect to the internet. i also managed to get skype to connect by filling in the relevant details in the skype connection settings. the...


Unless the software is enabled to set the proxy details it will not work. That is why proxies will leak...

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How can I connect to Yahoo and Facebook with Internet Explorer protected mode turned on?

I'm running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. When I attempt to connect to Yahoo or Facebook I get an error. The error is displayed for a split second so I'm not able to read more


Hello Jim, Have a look at these instruction from the Microsoft page, they should help you to add a website...

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