How do I get my own screen name changed back to what it originally was?

Let’s learn how do I get my own screen name changed back to what it originally was. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I really wish I can help but no I don't know how

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I have changed my account in yahoo. Since I now have a new screen name, how can I get my points transferred?

over to my new Yahoo! ID? Please help, I'd like all of my points and best question to be with me! lol


Kiss your points goodbye and start over. Cheers :-)

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I had a account with yaoo personals. kmj_bug cant get to it my screen name was changed please help?

i was a paid account under kmj_bug now i cant get on there. i had trouble with my internet provider. went to cable internet explorer and it changed my yahoo screen name. i would like to know what to do. please help me. THANK YOU KAREN


It's Your Proxy Make That Problem

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How does changing your Twitter screen name affect the API?

I'm seeing some very strange behaviour on our site Lanyrd which I think is caused by people changing their screen names. I'm ending up with multiple records in the database that share the same Twitter ID but have different Twitter screen names. I was...


Once you rename a twitter account, the old name is instantly freed. It doesn't go into inactivity like...

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Can't get screen name to save, now picture has disappeared?

Yahoo Answers is so annoying me! I can't get the screen name that I want to be saved and now my pic has gone to some generic background and my avatar won't stay saved as my photo. I'm so tired of it! I explained yesterday: I go to my profile page, click...


You need to un-hide your Pulse Profile. Until you do, your avatar will not show here. Click "My...

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I posed as someone else on AIM with a fake screen name can i get introuble?

i was talking to this girl that i have dated for almost 2 years we broke up and i was posing as the guy was recently talking to. Posing as him i asked for pictures and she sent me 2 (booty shorts, bra) that was it. i changed all the passwords to the...


You will get upt 25 years in prison. if she sues you can go for up to 30 with bail

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My original name was jayfrmphly i got an e-mail saying for my protection my password was changed, what happend

I cant log on to my original name. I went to re-enter all my personal information to have my password sent to me and it still said, my information is invalid. I would like my old screen name and password back and I did not ask for it to be changed. I...


Someone broke in and changed ur account details.

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How do i get my buddies off my list if someone changed my password and i can't get on no more i want my buddi?

my ex changed my password and now i cant get on so how do i get my buddy list so i can't put it on my other screen name


as long you can't get back that account because of the password that had been changed, then you won...

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Although i changed my AIM screen name password, its still telling me i didnt? ?

i changed my AIM password, but its still saying i didnt? i gave them my email and i even conformed it. i cant get into AIM anymore? wtf is wrong with my screen name that i always go on and all of a sudden doesn't work?


when it was confirmed, did you sign out or not? if not, it wasn't fully activated yet. so log in with...

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How can I recover the password to a Yahoo! screen name I intentionally tried to keep myself from getting into ?

Several years ago my then live-in-girlfriend didn't like me using my old screen name to chat with old friends/ex's and such so I intentionally changed the password by just banging out some random keys, now I can't rest the password, I don't know I changed...


If a screen name is not used after a long time Yahoo automatically puts that name out of service. Just...

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