How do I get my refund from Paypal?

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How can i get the refund by paypal?

actually paypal is still in the investigation when i filed the transaction dispute coz i didnt receive the item i paid for. however ebay says the seller is no longer registered, so what is the use of the resolution center if somehow the seller is on the run or something? so when the time for the investigation is over what will happen next? will paypal give me a full refund?


You should get an email either from eBay and or Paypal stating they are investigating the dispute.The...

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How to get a refund if I payed through paypal, but don't have a paypal account?

I want to get a refund from a seller on ebay who has not posted my item over 2 weeks after I payed for it. I complained and he sent a request to cancel the transaction, which I declined because I heard it doesn't guarantee a refund. What should I do...


Paypal send you a confirmation email with every transaction. I suggest you find it and contact paypal...

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When I've issued a refund on PayPal, how long until I get my money back?

My client already sent me the payment for the writing job i did for them. But unlike my earlier transactions with PayPal, the 'accept' button wasn't on the page. Instead, there was the 'issue refund' button. So I informed my client and they said that...


it wont you have refunded them! I receive payments all the time and they are accepted automatically...

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You can open a dispute on paypal asap. And if you paid via a credit card, open a dispute on there as...

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How to get refund on paypal?

I got scammed $185 by some girl trying to sell her laptop on facebook... I called paypal and they said to ask her for a refund, and then if she doesn't, they'll take matters to their own hands. But recently I heard that the only thing paypal can do if...


The police aren't going to be able to track down that anonymous scammer, all you have is ONE of "...

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How can i get a refund without an paypal?

I payed with paypal but i do not have a paypal account and im trying to figure out how to get a refund back


If you paid with paypal, contact paypal and ask for help with a refund, especially if that is how you...

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How long does a paypal refund take to get back into your bank account?

I had a purchase amount refunded to paypal and paypal said the money went back to my bank account. The refund was sent friday night and its not in my bank account just wondering if anybody knows how long it takes to get in to my bank account.


Paypal should be crediting your money in PayPal account directly not your bank account, unless it was...

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How can I get paypal refund?

Recently I bought a twitter account for $300 through paypal. I bought it from a person through email. But the account password he send was a fake. So i contacted him, but no reply. When I checked his paypal email id, i found that the paypal email id...


Unfortunately you can't do anything. It's against Twitter's terms to buy and sell accounts as these...

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Refund on Paypal from Ebay?? How do i get my money?

So I bought something on ebay with my dads Debit card and it was fake so I received a refund on Paypal which says the money has been sent back to me, But on my PayPal it says my balance is $0.00 USD? So was the money sent directly to my dad's debit card...


Your dad should go at his bank and check if they send the money back. Also if paypal refunded you, the...

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How to get paypal to refund you money on a ebay item?

i purchased an item on ebay and its not as discribed but dont really feel like going through the hassle of printing a shipping lable dont have a printer for that matter can paypal just give me a refund and how many refunds can paypal give you?


Why would you need a shipping label if you are the buyer? If you received the item and it is significantly...

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