How do I get my video from Windows Movie Maker to YouTube?

Let’s learn how do I get my video from Windows Movie Maker to YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I Really Need To Know How To Get Windows Movie Maker Files On Youtube.?

Okay, so I have a bunch of Mp3 files of my Music that I exported from Audacity. I want to know how I get it on Windows Live Movie Maker, and from there I need to know how I can get those files taken from Windows Live Movie Maker onto Youtube, because every time I would try it said "Unable To Convert Video File" This is very confusing, I'm sure someone on here knows what to do. If anyone can tell me, I'll give you Best Answer + 5 Stars.


Please make sure your video file is not MSWMM file, MSWMM is a windows movie maker project file, not...

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How can I get video clips off the internet, such as YouTube, to use in Windows Movie Maker?

For an English project, my friends and i need to make a trailer for a movie, and we need to get clips from news reports and movies online. How can we get video clips from the internet into movie maker? thankss


Well you can go to and then type in VDownloader and when you get to that page...

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On Youtube, how can I get a video off of there, save it, and then use it in Windows Movie Maker?

okay, I want to make a slideshow with pictures and a video clip or two for a youtube I need your help on how to get a clip off youtube, save/convert, etc. and incorporate it more


ery easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool. It works great and easy to use. It can download...

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How can i get a Youtube Video onto Windows Movie Maker?

I want to edit a video that is on youtube, how to i get it from youtube onto my computer? (i can get it onto WMM from there)


You can try this YouTube tools Free download here: Also, you can find some...

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I made a video using Windows Movie Maker but now i cant figure out how to get it to youtube or any site at all?

its just a picture slideshow with a song in the background. the only thing i can save it as is "Windows Movie Maker Projects (*.MSWMM) " i've been working on this d amn thing for hours and now it appears that it was all for pretty much nothing...


I think you are probably just missing a step! How to Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos on to Youtube...

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How do I get Windows Live Movie Maker to publish a video to youtube on a certain day?

I will be out of town on December 28th. And I want my video to be published on youtube that day.


i really don't think that's possible.

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How do you get a windows movie maker video on youtube?

Is there a specific converter that I should use and what format? Or is there a website that I can make a video like on i'd make in wmm and save it on my computer to dowload it to more


I'm sorry but I don't actually understand your question that well. In my experience all you need to...

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Where can I get video clips off of youtube that works with windows movie maker?

I want something that i can configure the files to work with windows movie maker and an easy way to get clips off youtube. and something free too. thanks.


Try using Any Video Converter(google). Not only does it get the videos from youtube, it converts them...

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Video downloaded from YouTube (and other video sites) are usually in .mp4 format, which is NOT COMPATIBLE...

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You need to download the video first. For that you can use a program or a website (Google it) Then simply...

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