How do I get rid of modules on my yahoo home page?

Let’s learn how do I get rid of modules on my yahoo home page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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yes that happened to me I have the same set up.I just went back and added the weather module again and...

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How do I get the new Yahoo home page to become MY home page. I've clicked it several times but it doesn't work

I llike the new Yahoo front page better than what I had designated as My Yahoo. I want the standard Yahoo front page as my home page but it doesn't seem to matter what I click. I still get the old style page on My Yahoo and when my DSL initially opens...


Click here to make Yahoo homepage:

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Is the new yahoo home page truely the legitimate home page? The URL I get does not look right?

I am concerned about this new Yahoo home page - I think it maybe fake or not the real yahoo I use Canada yahoo and the address for my home page SHOULD be What I get is Where does the m come from? Is this legit? every time...


yes it is 100% legit, i promise you :) the M actually stands for Mobile, which means it is in mobile...

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How to get old Yahoo home page back?

I made the mistake of clicking on the "Take a look at the new Yahoo" banner at the top of my home page, and it automatically changed it to the "new" Yahoo customizable home page. I do NOT like the set up of the new page. Can anyone...


If you are wanting to change back to the original homepage, Scroll to the bottom of the page, find the...

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Instead of Yahoo!'s home page (, I get this ugly purple Yahoo! page ( What IS this?

Instead of becoming more useful, Yahoo! is becoming uglier and even more irrelevant. The front page has become the web equivalent of the shakycam in movies : a mouseover minefield. And PURPLE! This is really the New Coke of the internet age. Who the...


You can return to the original homepage if you like. Clear the browser cache of cookies and temp files...

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How can i get back the old home page of yahoo?i dont like the new yahoo home page?

i cant find any thing on the new yahoo home page. its to compacated so i really would like the old yahoo home page.


Ha, after all these weeks with the new Yahoo home page, today I saw a link on my new yahoo home page...

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How do I get my Yahoo home page back to the classic home page?

I do not like the new Yahoo home page. How can I get the classic home page back as my home page?


yeah same! Its lame aint it.

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How do i get my dell home page back? i did not ask for yahoo to be my home page?

I upgraded my Microsoft browser through Yahoo and now my Dell home page, with years of business and home building links is gone. I did not request Yahoo as a home page, nor was it clear that it would be foisted on me if I upgraded. How do I get my browser...


Click on start and go up to Control Panel and click on it. Click on Internet Options and delete Yahoo...

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When I try to bring up Yahoo home page I get an Internet Secuurity page that I cannot get rid of. Help!?

When we bring up our Yahoo home page this screen comes up and will not let me go back to Yahoo home page. The page wants me to download spy Heal, Pest Trap, and other protection programs that I already have. I have tried everything that I know to eliminate...


download Ad-Aware SE it is a free download. run it to get rid of spyware because it is spyware that...

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Hi!How can I get this new Yahoo home page (test page) also on my other computer?

When I go to from my computer at work, I come up to this new Yahoo (test) home page, but when I surf to the page from my home computer I get the old one. How can I get the "New" also from my home computer? Thanks in...


The new Yahoo! Home page design is being rolled out to limited number of users for the purpose of collecting...

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