How do I get the new Myspace Mail?

Let’s learn how do I get the new Myspace Mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Want an Email Address? Now You Can Have One

Want an Email Address? Now You Can Have One. 374. ... which MySpace describes as follows: 1. New Mail center provides a snapshot of all your ...

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How do i get myspace to recognize my e-mail address again? help please!?

my yahoo account went *inactive*, because i hadn't used it for 4 months so i signed on to it, and reactivated it, and its still the exact same account but that yahoo address is the one i use to go onto myspace but myspace still wont let me sign on how...


i would click forgot pass word. can you view you myspace by the url?? if not you might have to email...

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How can i get rid of the home,mail..etc. bar on top of my myspace profile EASY 10 POINTSS!?

like can u guys tell me lik u no how u go on someones myspace profile and on the top there is still that menu that lets u go to ur mail and home ...etc. well how do you get rid of that when people go on ur profile..lik i want it to be people...


PICKME PICKME :D <style>div div table div, div.clearfix a, input {display:none;} div.clearfix...

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If you're under 16, it's a mandatory feature for your own protection.

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Myspace: How to get rid of notifications adding to the number on the mail tab on the top.?

i have a ton of notifications from applications. i usually just don't pay attention to them, but now it shows how many i have where it says "mail". i don't want to go through and press delete or ignore on all of them, i just want the number...


im having the same exact problem. i logged on and saw 260 at the top for mail. all but like 3-4 were...

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There should be a link that says "forget your password?". Click on that and it will take you...

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Still can't get my password from MYSPACE cause I never receive the e-mail from them giving me my password.

Hi and thanks to all those who have attempted to help me! I've made a new password for my YAHOO account and therefore I presume my YAHOO account is verified. My problem is I'm trying to log into a MYSPACE account and have forgotten my password, the only...


it could be that it's been filtered as spam. check that folder. if you chose not to have that folder...

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I havent really looked into it yet, dont know if i will? I'm OK without it.

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