How do I import contacts from one e-mail address to another?

Let’s learn how do I import contacts from one e-mail address to another. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Import email and contacts - Gmail Help - Google Support

If you’re trying to import from another Gmail address, click here to import your emails a different way. ... Your folders are now Gmail labels. Email your contacts.

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How do i import my contacts from an odd email no one has to a new yahoo email address?

my old moonstar account is so quiet no one i mean no one knows this site but thats not my point.and my yahoo page dosent say IMPORT CONTACTS!so how do i import my contacts??????????? ,KwL*MoM


Regrettably, unless the contacts are coming from outlook, Yahoo!, netscape or vcard, you cannot import...

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KwL*mOm! at Yahoo! Answers Mark as irrelevant Undo why can I not import my contacts from my old email address to the new one?

Cannot import contacts from old address to new address


You can export contacts between Gmail accounts easily by selecting them and clicking Export on the ...

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How do I import my email contacts to a new email account?

I'm shutting one email down and would like to transfer or import all of my existing contacts from one email address to another.


Open the two email accounts in separate windows. Go to Contacts on each one and manually add the contacts...

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When I import contacts from Excel into Outlook 2010, it thinks each contact value is its own contact. Help!?

Each of the values of the contact have their own Named Range (eg "Company Name," "Company Address," "Email," and so on). Now when I import the contacts, it doesn't automatically group together the values that make up each...


You could try to save the excel as a CSV (comma delimited) file. Then import the CSV file into Outlook...

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"Could not validate this combination of email address and password."

[Gmail filter] I am trying to import all my stuff (mail, contacts, folders) from Yahoo to Gmail but I have encountered an error and can't find the solution anywhere. Help, please? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? This is what I have been following. However,...


I think you'll need to upgrade to the paid version in order to get IMAP access to the folders.

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How can you save fellow email recipients as contacts?

If you receive an email where you are one of several recipients in the To: field, is there any way to save the other recipients to your Contacts list? I guess it could be done one at a time, by copying and pasting the email addresses into the Add Contact...


As far as I know, there is not. At least not on Yahoo! mail. It might depend on the client, though....

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Has anyone published deliverability best practices for mailing to email addresses imported from a users contact address book?

There are plenty of vendors, ISP-provided APIs and methods for address book importing to use for viral social invites but no one seems to be discussing what happens next after the email addresses are imported to your database. You can't trust the user...


Interesting! The list hygiene and segmentation are some of the very important criteria along with sender...

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I have more than 350 contacts in one of my address book categories. How do I email all of them at once?

Whenever I send an email to all my contacts in one of my catorgories, I always see this message after I send a email to a bunch of people ... There was a problem! Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum number of Bcc recipients. Please delete some email...


Currently the limit is 100 addresses, no more than 50 may be sent to the same domain. But I found this...

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Is there a way to import email folders from one Yahoo email address to another one?

I changed my yahoo email address & I have been using one for 12 years now & have lots of folders I want to keep. Is there a way to keep those email folders?


No that is not an option. You can't transfer email folders as a whole folder. The 1 & only way to...

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