How do I install my ipad?

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You can use the Citrix Receiver software. To run Windows 7 on your iPad. Citrix says the iPad's larger...

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How can I jailbreak/install cydia for my iPad 2?

I installed Cydia a few months ago on my iPad 2, but dropped it and had it sent in to Apple. I have had my new one (iOS 4.3.5) for a few months now and want to install Cydia. I can remember how I did it and everything I've read says I have to jailbreak...


Just jailbreak your device - it costs nothing. Most of the jailbreaking software (redsn0w, Absinth etc...

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How can I install Flash on my iPad?

I need to do some fantasy football draft on my iPad. Sadly, this is a deal breaker to me because I chose the iPad over a laptop. Is there anyway that I can install flash even though it is "not allowed" on appl devices


jailbreak your device and you should of bought a laptop iPads CANT REPLACE computers yet. soo your screwed...

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How can I use jailbreak to install whatsapp on my ipad?

While trying to install whatsapp on my ipad,they asked me to use jailbreak.How can i do this?


Jailbreak is not the only way though. You can check out this guide which uses ifunbox and iPhone to...

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How do I install the apps I had to my new replacement Ipad?

I bought an ipad last month. It got cracked. I was eligible for a replacement. I took the old Ipad, plugged it in and itunes opened. It said it was syncing and backing up. After that more


Your new ipad should say connect to itunes on the screen, when you connect it to itunes you can set...

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How to install apps into ipad?

I have instaled an app (not bought in the app store), and when i install it in ipad, it just said the instalion failed, can anyone help me with this?


Apps for the iPad are only available from the App Store unless you have Jailbroken the iPad in which...

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How do I install Yahoo bookmarks on an ipad?

Can you install yahoo bookmarks toolbar on an iPad?


No, you can not install a bookmark on the ipad. You can save yahoo as a bookmark or add yahoo to the...

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How To Install Outlook On iPad?

I was wondering if it is possible to install Microsoft Outlook on iPad?


No, you have to use the iOS mail system.

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How do I install iOS 6 on my iPad?

I need to install iOS 6 on my iPad


1st of all you need to install iTunes on your PC or laptop. Then connect your iPad with your PC. You...

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How to install viber desktop app in ipad?

hi all, i am struggling to install viber desktop on my ipad so i connected with my iphone. i looked up some webs, here there are: more


Hello, Viber for iPad is currently in planning. You can still use Viber on your iPad, but keep these...

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