How do I know if I'm having a mental breakdown?

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How do i know if i'm having an emotional / nervous breakdown?

i suffer from depression , life's just getting worse how much can any human take & what are the signs of something more wrong than depression / stress


There is no definitive answer for that. Technically speaking, nervous breakdowns don't medically exist...

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Symptoms: Agitation or restlessness, Difficulty or inability to stop crying, Sleeping difficulties,...

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Im having a mental breakdown?

my life is **** just one thing after another ive never done anything wrong and im treated like a slave family arguments, im from an asian family so stupid family rules are just the start my mom and dad argue about everything from cleaning the house to...


OK seriously you have HUGE issues going on here, and this is really nothing to mess around with, but...

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I was about to go mental.. what happened??? Please read im begging!!!!?

in hs and as i graduate i changed.. my personality & the people i hang out w/. i became part of the big grp, im not the laid back and shy type anymore.. my relationship w/ people aren't deep anymore just like casual, the only ppl i get along w/ were...


It does hurt to lose good friends. Sounds like you were trying to be a bigshot and your buddy felt you...

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Had a nervous breakdown, will that ruin my baby?

This morning on being driven to work by boyfriend, I had a serious self destructive nervous breakdown. Right now, Im really worried about my baby and my life. Being in the car with the boyfriend, I was eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, he asked...


Hang in there hon. Things will be ok. Just try to relax and calm down. baby will be just fine. Yes,...

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I think im having a nervous breakdown?

My husband and I have had some major trust issues. I have been lied to from the beginning of our relationship until basically right now. He always says he will change and i always just accept it and move on. He has never cheated but he tries to make...


I really feel for you. There is nothing wrong with you. You're emotions and flip flopping feelings are...

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Im scared, i cut myself again and i need someone?

please dont judge me or put hate comments. im not emo or anything and im not a "cutter", i know its bad and that i need to stop and its not like im addicted to doing it. my two friends did it so maybe i got the idea one day when i was in the...


Yes. I agree. Immediately try to take help from close quarters like your beloved parents or affectionate...

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How can i make my grandma think im old enough to be on my own?

im a 15 year old female one grandma is really strict with me but i dont talk to her much, then there my grandma that raised me, i want to tell them that im not a child anymore and that im a grown teenager, i smoke & drink but i know how to take care...


My parents were strict with me too. Then I had friends that had 150% freedom. I thought it was no fair...

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Breakdown....What should i do, please advise?!!!?

Im some what of a celebrity, and had all the attention and crowd around me. Being in the entertainment biz is draining...i felt posessed and controled by many many people, and hunted by many women at once. Well i mentally shut down and lost it under...


Hi, I really think you should reach out to some of the people if it will help you. Maybe they have not...

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Im at a complete loss of what to do..?

im having what i think is a complete emotional breakdown i have been in a relationship where only i am trying my partner isnt in love with me we have a 1 year old child together i feel so alone. we live in a isolated part of europe and i have no family...


maybe you should move to somewhere less depressing, cause it sound like your enviroment isnt helping...

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