How do I make another yahoo avatar?

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How can I make yahoo avatar?

I've just registered to yahoo answers and i would like to have avatar like i see other users do. but when i click on "add avatar/ upload photo" i only get option to upload a picture. is it because i'm new? do i need to reach some level to be able to create avatar?


To create/change a Yahoo cartoon avatar go here: Then go to: http://answers...

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Ok, How do you make another avatar by using Yahoo!?

U know those Avatars you can make on Yahoo!? I want to make another one. What do I do?


Click "My Activity" at top of page Select "Edit My Preferences" Click "Update...

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How do I make my Yahoo 360 avatar my regular avatar ???

I finally figured out how to put in the Detoit Tiger's Logo as my avatar on my Yahoo 360 account . . . but I can't figure out how to make that my regular avatar ??? As you can see . . . I just have a generic avatar on Yahoo Answers. How can I make the...


Go to your 360 page at , and upload a .jpg picture, mark it as "Primary"...

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How do you make a Yahoo Avatar?

When ever i try to make a Yahoo avatar, I go to the start page ( all it is an advertisement. It says Yahoo! Avatars at the top and then shows multiple screens showing "Mary smith" avatar. It doesn't have...


I tried the site and found the same problem - no way to get to the selections screens - yet another...

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How to make my yahoo avatar my answers avatar?

So I just set up an account on Yahoo Answers and it said I could make an avatar for it, so I did. Where do I go to make it my avatar now, because the little square box that I have to more


To create a Yahoo cartoon avatar go here: Then go to:

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How do I make my avatar show up on yahoo messenger?

I got the new yahoo mail about 3 months ago and I could never figure out how to get my avatar to show up when I'm talking on chat. When I chat, I can see my own avatar, but all my friends say they can't see it. All they see is the gray smiley face when...


i have the same problem...i cant see my avatar, my personal photo that i choose from my pc, i delete...

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How do u make an avatar for yahoo answers?

i already have an avatar for yahoo but it doesn't also appear in yahoo answers come? what do i do to have the same avatar for yahoo and yahoo answers?


Please ensure you have saved your Yahoo! Avatar at To display your Avatar in...

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How to make a yahoo avatar?

This may sound stupid, but I'm new to yahoo and I want to know how to make the little avatar people to set as my picture on this. I don't have a yahoo email, and I only use yahoo answers to pass the time. How do you make those avatars to set as a picture...


For a pic or avatar.See the yahoo help here.… look under...

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INSTRUCTIONS on how to make and make your picture a yahoo avatar.


Your avatar can be a cartoon figure or a photo. Some sites use the cartoon and some use the photo. Some...

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How to make your yahoo avatar your profile picture on yahoo?

I made my avatar, but every time I go to make it my profile picture, I can't find it, I can only upload what is already on my computer, but I can't find my yahoo avatar. Why more


I had this problem but you must "Add to favorites" and save it. I think my problem solved...

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