How do I put a link on MSN?

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How do I put a link on MSN? | Yahoo Answers

I thought it was impossible to copy/paste anything into the PM bar, but one of my friends recently made it.. I mean, he put a link saying something like ...

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Hey! do u know were i can downlpad the newest msn messenger? please put link !?

oh and if it costs money than dont put link! please help!


click on this link and you should be good =] Hope i helped.

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Can I change a link appearance in an IM?

Hey guys, Is there a website or method to change a link...or the Link appereance? Like for example I have a link to some website like and I want to send it to a friend via MSN or any other IM, but I don't want him to see what...


Yes. Use tinyurl -> :)

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How to delete a Msn Virus?

Ok.. i clicked a link from msn my friend actually put in a link from youtube, but the link was changed to Imagehost. I clicked it! And since then tabs have been popping up NONSTOP more


visit this blog, it probably can help you more. I hope that you help .... http://howmakeyourself.blogspot...

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Windows version MSN for Mac?

I want to download the Windows version of MSN to put of my mac... is there anyway i can do that... if there is please tell me when i can get it... A link would be best


Its not hard, just google it!!! Here's a link for a mac version of windows live messenger, its still...

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Where can i get awesome MSN banners?

I can't get find any good sites for banners to put onto MSN. If you know and could you please give me the link? :) THANK YOU!!! :D Your help is very much appreciated! Thanx more


You can go to the online order form.

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Just reinstall it: Start => control panel => add/remove programs => Windows Live Messenger...

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On Msn my friend sent me a link?

On msn my friend sent me a link. She said she didn't when i asked her i clicked the link now my Msn is messed up please help me fix it


delete it off of your computor and then re install it again. this happened to me before!!!

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If i put my mobile number on MSN Messenger, do they text me (read details)?

For those of you who have MSN Messenger, when you connect your MSN Messenger to your mobile phone, where when you're offline, people can msg you on msn and you get a text message....does MSN charge you for receiving that text? or ONLY when you reply...


I hav MSN msgr hooked up to my mobile phone and MSN should not be charging you for any messages... it...

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How do i get that msn that you can put your name in colours with?

iv got msn 2009 but i want msn live plus back. it wont let me download it, i have tried uninstalling msn 2009 and then installing msn live plus but it says i need another one to more


I would uninstall all the MSN programs you have on your computer, so effectively start again. Check...

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