How do I record music with a synthesizer?

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Home Recording Tips: How to Record a Synth or Keyboard

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How do you professionally record music/keyboard?

What kind of programs record a keyboard/synth? I have used the synth on FL Studio, but i can only control its sounds and not record the sounds of my synthesizer. So yeah, how do I professionally record music


FL Studio can record. But you can also look at Reaper. You simply connect the line out of the synth...

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What laptop do you think i should get to record my own music?

I really want to start recording my own music. Acoustic music all the way to heavy metal music. Metal music like the bands Bullet For My Valentine and August Burns Red and Asking Alexandria. Just to give you an idea if it helps any. Well, i really do...


The HP Envy 14 Beats is awesomeeee. I had it for a year already and the sound system is great, it is...

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How to record binaural electronic music?

I´m looking for a way to record electronic music using binaural technology. I already have all the necessary equipment (binaural mics, dummy head, DAW, etc.), but I want to record the sounds DIRECTLY from the source without using the dummy...


My understanding is that in binaural recordings both the spacing of the ears and the shape of the ears...

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Which is better? Licensing your music/songs to a big record label (say Sony Music or Universal Music) or selling it digitally (Tunecore, Spotify, iTunes etc).

Refering to a non U.S music industry (INDIA) where digital distribution is just picking up. And all that matters is to create a buzz on national T.V with viral music videos and then earn from live concerts and shows. I cannot ignore the fact that digital...


Big companies dosen't consider newcomers so take help of online music distribution like REBIT,etc.....

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How do I digitally record my music at home?

I am a teen singer/songwriter and all my friends have been wanting me to record my music so they can have it on their ipod. I was hoping to just do it as an unplugged CD because I think it'd be easier to just record the way I usually play it (acoustic...


if you have a computer, then you already have a digital audio recorder. you only need 2 more items....

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Different places to record my music help!?

Okay I currently record my music in either my bedroom when no ones home so I won't be distracted or in a closet so I can kinda block things out, I can't afford a studio like to rent one I am only 14 and I spent all my money on other things I needed for...


under your bed

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How to obtain music licenses as a record label?

I am currently opening up my own independent record label online. I want to license musicians music for them as a record label, similar to how a big name record label would do for their artists such as Sony music records. I need to know where and how...


I strongly recommend you do more research on this and develop a strategy for your label. There are resources...

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I want to record my vocals and add beats and instruments from a program to make my own program?

I'm relatively new to this, but I've wanted to create music for a long time. Before I create a band, I want to try my hand at making some of my own music on my computer. However, I have a few questions. Can I record vocals on a microphone hooked up to...


There are 2 programs I recommend that do all you need. FL Studio Producer Edition http://www.homerecorder...

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A levels to become a music/record producer?

I would love to be a music/record producer, however I have already chosen and half way through my GCSEs and when I chose them I did not have a music/record producer in mind. I chose - Geography, Business Studies and ICT. I was wondering that when I come...


Music A Level involves a lot of composition and performance. I'd recommend to do the production in your...

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