How do I record playing games on a TV?

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How do I record my tv while playing video games?

I'm a awkwardly obsessed gamer lol. I was looking on YouTube and realized that there isn't really that many legit girl gamers and most of them only play Zelda, minecraft, COD more


You will need to have a capture card. This device allows you to transmit a signal from the console to...

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How do you record your tv when ur playing video games and put the video on computer?

i want this to record video games with sound and not with a camera right up to it.


I don't think there is a way...

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You attach a video capture device between the game console and the TV set. This can later be downloaded...

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How do i record myself playing games with commentary?

i know this is a question that gets asked a lot but im hoping to record myself playing games not just online but fun blind walkthroughs for people i also will be recording myself play online games but that is later,for now just want to record xbox 3...


There are alot of different videos that explain how to record yourself on this site. http://www.lovegames...

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TV Connector to record Video?

I think I've heard something about this before, but isn't there a product out on the market where you hook up a cord or something into your tv that connects to something else, and it will record whatever is on your tv. I play video games a lot and give...


An RCA jack usually connects to the TV monitor... so if you want to record what's coming from your XBox...

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How do i record the tv to my laptop?

i have an apple mac and would like to record the tv or my games console to my mac. i dont want 2 buy a stupid capture card thing, but i have noticed there is a plug for your pc on the back of the tv? is this only for playing your computer through the...


only for playing the computer through the tv. i would suggest getting a capture card.

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How do I hook up my camera to my TV to record whats on the TV?

I have a camera and a compatible TV but I want to hook it up to the TV so I can record me playing video games or something.


check manufacture site/instructions, they are all different, depends on your TV plugs.

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Can I record TV?

Yes I want to record myself playing some video games on TV and I dont know how. I want to upload some to youtube but I just don't know what to record with. Any other options rather than having a tv tuner


Use a camcorder,Mobile phone with a camera..and change its format ,to the format taken on the youtube...

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How can i record something on tv without camra graphix?

i wanna know a way to record the tv when im playing video games. if i do it with a camera, its ganna be all fuzzy graphix.


What's wrong with a VCR?

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Is it possible to record video games using a VHS/DVD player?

if i used a VHS/ DVD player and put in a blank VHS/DVD and hit record while we were playing video games on the TV...would it record the gam footage onto the DVD/VHS


Yes, plug the console outputs into the Recorder inputs and then use the Recorder outputs to go into...

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