How do I remove an icon from the yahoo toolbar?

Let’s learn how do I remove an icon from the yahoo toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I remove the Yahoo anti-spy icon from my toolbar?Will not allow me to use toolbar 'edit' to remove it!?

This is a new icon that Yahoo have decided to install on my toolbar. Clicking on it takes me to a page that encourages me to install the 'suggested' spyware as recommended by Yahoo. I've no need for another anti-spyware package , yet the usual add/edit...


You have gone to>settings, add/edit buttons, right?? there you click on the antispy in the buttons...

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I like the yahoo tool bar that I have. How do I remove the (Upgrade your toolbar now) Icon from my toolbar.?

I have yahoo toolbar. I do not wish to upgrade. The Icon that yahoo has placed on my toolbar to UPGRADE NOW has taken the place of my favorite buttons. How can I get rid of their UPGRADE NOW button? I can not do it through right click, nor settings!


About six months ago (or so) that icon magically appeared one morning on my toolbar----and these pages...

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HOw do I remove the yahoo toolbar when there is no pencil icon & its not in my add/remove programs?

I looked in add/remove and Yahoo toolbar is not there. Also, I do not have the pencil as indicated on others' answers. I have a star icon, then a plus next to a star (icon) then quick tabs, then drop down for tab list. Please help? thanks. I realized...


try going to the settings tab, click on>help in the drop down menu, it has the uninstall toolbar...

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How to remove an icon from yahoo toolbar?

i want to delete games and financwe icons from yahoo toolbar


Under IE on the Y toolbar click the Settings button and click Add/Edit buttons.

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How do I remove the upgrade now! icon from my Yahoo toolbar?????

I am not interested in the new product from Yahoo.


There's no way to remove it from the My Toolbar. Try switching to the Search Toolbar -- it's not on...

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I have firefox yahoo toolbar. I want to remove anti-spy sheild icon.

It was suggested to hit pencil icon,toolbar option and there should be box to uncheck. Maybe for ie7 I dunno. there was no remove box.


You can no longer remove the Anti-Spy button with Y! toolbar V1.6.0.20080712 for Firefox. The other...

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Go to tools...toolbars...uncheck Yahoo toolbar or go to manage add-ons and selct disable Yahoo...{:...

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Once Yahoo IM has been dowloaded, what is the process to remove the IM icon from toolbar?

I don't want the icon on my Windows Start tool bar, its alright in the applications list but I would like to remove from the tool bar. If this can be done, does it effect the use of Yahoo IM?


right click and delete the icon ... it can't hurt much .. at the most you'll be redownloading messenger...

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If you are using the Y! toolbar under Firefox, then you can not remove the Anti-Spy icon. For IE Y!...

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Can you remove the Notification icon in the Yahoo toolbar 2.3.2 (latest, mozilla)?

This icon appears permanent and I don't really want it; if anyone is over my shoulder they always ask what the number refers to. All the other apps are by choice. It would be great if you could remove it. Thanks


Talk to the hand; talk to the wall. It may be called Yahoo! Answers but the Yahoo Toolbar Team doesn...

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