How do I retrieve my old email account?

Let’s learn how do I retrieve my old email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Hello, If your Yahoo email account was deactivated or deleted, please follow below link to REACTIVATE...

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How do you retrieve old email in INBOX after Yahoo closes your account?

I have another Yahoo! account which I put some email there that need not be read immediately. I know what they were - I had forwarded them from AOL. Trouble is, Yahoo! closed that account because of 3 months of inactivity. I managed to revive the account...


Unfortunately I do not believe there is a way to retrieve your lost email - even if you paid Yahoo I...

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How do I retrieve my password off myspace with my old email account that is not active?

I have a mypace page, and I cannot get into it. I cannot retrieve my password b/c the email account I used was from my cell phone. Now that my cell phone account is inactive, I cannot get my passoword. I think someone changed my password b/c the other...


You cant, you will HAVE to have access to the original email address to get into it to even change the...

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I had an email account but changed internet providers to AT&T how can I retrieve my old email & contacts,?

I don't know how to access my old account mail and contact list. Should I just use both log INS


You should still be able to log into your account as long as you remember your user/pwd. They can reset...

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An old email account that I had with Windows 7 moved into Windows 8 but I forgot the password...How do I retrieve it?

When I bought my new computer that had Windows 8 loaded it shows an old email account username that I want to use but I don't remember the password. How do I get that password or more


If you're unable to access your Yahoo account you can recover it online as long as it has valid recovery...

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How can i retrieve and old email from my existing yahoo account?

I have an existing yahoo account that I use daily. However, I need an email that I sent 3 years ago. I have always had this email address and I use it. I have never allowed this address to be cancelled to deactivated for any reason. Please help!!!!


You don't say if your account has been deactivated or not. If you haven't asked for it to be deactivated...

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How do I retrieve an old email account?

I am trying to access an old email account tat I had, but cannot remember the password question. who do I speak with to access this or wha do I need to do?


Yahoo Customer Service Info: 866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300

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Can anyone help me how to retrieve email messages from my deactivated yahoo email account?

My yahoo account has been deactivated. I've created a new one already. How can i retrieve all messages and address book or how can i forward all messages and addresses from the deactivated account to the new account. Please help ASAP...thanks


No can do. Don't let the new account end up that way!

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How do i delete my account and retrieve my regular yahoo email account?

How do i prevent my att .net email account from overriding my regular yahoo email? I have yahoo as my homepage,and it used to open my yahoo mail. All of a sudden, for some unknown reason, now my mail is automatically logged onto att yahoo mail (which...


Make Yahoo Default Email. Click on this addy.… then...

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I have forgotten my email password and also the security question. how to retrieve my account?

i had an email account by the user name, but i could not access it for few years and now i have forgotten both my password and the security question. how can i retrieve my account ?


Do a live chat session with a yahoo customer service rep/agent there are things they can do.And there...

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