How do I send a video if the video is too big to send?

Let’s learn how do I send a video if the video is too big to send. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by old.

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How to send a video if it's too big?

I have an iPhone, but I'm trying to send a video from my old phone (Samsung) to my iPhone. It says the video is too big, it's about 1min long. Also, I don't have a cable to attach it to the computer cause it's my old phone. is there ANY way I can get the video to my computer or iPhone?


Zip it by 7zip

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Hi guys. How can I send a video by email? It's too big to fit in a yahoo email, too many bites or whatever.

My digital camera takes video, but the files are huge. I want to send my friend a naughty video I took, but I can't do it on yahoo. I have the plug in to send Irfanview by email, more


Zip the file then email it.

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How to send a video email when files to big?

Does anyone know how to send an attached video email to someone when it says the files to big? is there anything i can do?


The quickest way is by using a piece of software called Dropbox. I've started using it recently and...

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You can upload up to 2 GB to a web site and the party receiving your email gets a link to download it...

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How do I send a 5 min video to my parents, too big for email?

I have parents living in Florida and my daughter is 3yo and I taped her riding the bike they sent her. There HAS to be a way to send the video on yahoo or some other program. Yahoo won't attach anything bigger than 25MB and this video is 200MB. Please...


You should be able to upload that to Youtube. That's how I share all my family videos with my parents...

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How can I receive a video file that is too big for the sender to send via email?

I am making a video and my friend has a clip for me. I was going to have her upload it to Youtube and I would download the video from there. But the downloads aren't compatible with Windows Media Player, which I'd be using to make the video, so I need...


Have her upload it to then give you the download link.

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How to send video file attachments that are "too big"?

My friend wants to send me some video clips over email, but he says the files are "too big". What do I tell him to do in order to downsize the material?


Use to send large video files for free. You can send an unlimited amount of video files...

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How I can send big file/ video through internet/ e-mail?

Kindly give me details how I can send/ share big files.


If you use Yahoo mail look at the bottom left for a bar marked applications.Click to open the gallery...

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How do I send a video from my phone to email that is too big?

I'm using a Samsung and it says it's over 25mb and I need to send it to my email for a school project. Is there a way I can send it from a free website that can be used on a more


Well you could just plug your phone into your computer and put it on your computer. And then put it...

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How to email a video file that's too big to send?

i have a video file from my camera thats too big to email. i heard theres a website that can help me out with that. any ideas what to do? -thanks!!


Try one of the services below (not all of them are free): http://rapidshare...

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