How do I set my iPod touch up to my xbox 360?

Let’s learn how do I set my iPod touch up to my xbox 360. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i set my ipod touch up to my xbox 360?

my friend set his ipod nano up to his xbox so it will play the music on his iod but he doesnt know how to get it to work with the touch can you please help me!!


On, they state that the itouch and iphone cannot be used with the 360 for music, since the...

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IPad, iTouch or iPhone Disk Mode is made easy with Phone Disk. Using your standard USB cable, this tiny...

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Keep My Xbox 360 Or Get a 2nd Gen Ipod Touch 16GB?

I have an Xbox 360 and I love it! I love playing online with gears 2 but I'm Begining to think that its making me Lazy ever since I've got into gaming and ive been on craigslist and this guy said he will trade me his Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 16gb for my Xbox...


Hey man. I own both the Xbox 360 and iPod Touch 2G 8GB, but in your situation i wouldnt pay for the...

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$199.99 Xbox 360 VS. 8GB 2nd generation ipod touch?

My birthday is coming up and im going to be getting a lot of money but I don't know that to get the $199.99 Xbox 360 or the 8GB 2nd generation ipod touch. I have heard that the $199.99 xbox 360 sucks but then i ask other people and they say its good...


Get the Xbox, it has enough memory in the 8gb for games(I have a 16gb and have only used about 4gb and...

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How can I use my ipod touch or OLD (non usb) wired keyboard on my xbox 360?

I have fortresscraft and I need to use a keyboard. FC is on xbox 360. I have a wired non usb keyboard, a logitech wireless mouse (with a unifying receiver) and a ipod touch. How can I use these materials to be able to have a keyboard for my 360? I am...


The Touch will never work because it uses IOS. Regular iPods work for media streaming though. Mice won...

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Any way to plug iPod touch to xbox 360 and plug mic to iPod touch, and use it as a headset?

Hey my new xbox 360 slim didn't come with a headset so I was wondering if I could use my iPod touch to make a headset. I know you can plug iPod to xbox to play music. But I need a more


No....also **** Macintosh don't mix mac and Microsoft.

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Why won't my iPod touch connect to my xbox 360?

When I plug my iPod touch third generation into my xbox 360 and then go into music library the xbox doesn't recognize the portable device connected to it. Yet my friend can plug his iPod classic in with no problem. Is it my iPod? Or is it the xbox or...


It's not your ipod or xbox 360 that's the problem it's Apple and Microsoft who have long feuded and...

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Poll: Should I sell my xbox 360? for an ipod touch?

I honestly don't want answers like ''get the Iphone'' or ''get a ps3'', I just want to know if I should sell my xbox 360 for the Ipod touch, because I am kind of tired of the xbox 360...I don't have xbox live either, few games...I would like to get the...


That is the most stupidest question I have ever seen. That is like saying, shall I sell my car for a...

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Ipod Touch or Xbox 360?

Ok, another dilemma for you guys to help with :D Right, I've been saving for a Xbox 360 but recently someone gave me a try of their iPod touch and I just loved the apps on it. I thought it was a great little tech and that was proved more when my friend...


Xbox 360 would be more entertaining. I think ipods are to money focused and especially with the new...

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Can I play my iPod touch on my Xbox 360?

So I plugged my iPod touch into Xbox 360 and it didnt detect my iPod. I went to media and it wasnt there. Any tricks to play it on ny Xbox 360?


I know that you can charge your ipod using your xbox, but you cannot play it on your xbox.

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